gracie the grown up.

If you look to the top of the page, right under Frannie Loves Marie, you will see the line treasures, dress ups and stories of a wonderful life. Well, caring for my puppy Gracie means that the treasures and dress ups don’t come about as frequently as they used to for fear of their destruction and lack of funds, but the life becomes becomes even more wonderful. I last wrote about Gracie graduating from puppy school over 3 months ago and boy has she grown from a fluffy little youngin’ in to a stinky, slobbery real-life dog!

Here’s a FLM update on her canine capers of late because I know you all adore cute dogs as much as Marie and I do…


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and they called it puppy love.

Mondays are hard even for those with the most positive of dispositions. The weekend is over and it’s time to head back to the workplace. Mondays at the moment are especially hard for me because every morning I have to say goodbye to this adorable, freckly little face…

My Gracie is settling in very well to her new home and I thought I’d give you all a bit of an update of how quickly she is growing while hopefully adding smiles to your Monday with some cute puppy photos.

grubby gracie.

adventure dog.

first bath.

week 1.week 3. ps. stop growing!fave toys.


Happy Valentine’s Day lovers and romantics the world over! I am the happiest in love I have ever been and so a few people have already asked me, ‘what will you and CB be doing this Feb 14?’ To those people I say, BRINGING HOME A PUPPY OF COURSE!

Frannie Loves Marie readers, please meet our lovely little girl – Grace Everton B.


G.E.B.G.E.B.Cheeky Gracie.It is something we have both wanted for the longest time and we are over-prepared and beyond excited to welcome little Grace (a farm born border collie x kelpie) into our home, hearts and family.

i loved you before i met you.

I have always maintained that there is no better feeling than falling in love. Colours are brighter, food tastes better and hardly anything can bring you down. Normally, you can’t predict the exact moment that you’ll fall in love and it often happens when you least expect or aren’t necessarily ready for it. There are however, a few exceptions to this, where the love exists before the ‘meeting’. I believe this happened to me when I was younger and my cousins I.H. & J.E. were born. I loved them from the moment my Aunty J told me about them, even when I didn’t know whether they were male or female or what their personalities would be like. I don’t mean to brag, but I did luck out, these girls are easy to love – intelligent, gorgeous and continually making me proud.

Well, I’m in love before the meeting again and this time around I was able to pinpoint the exact moment it happened. Yesterday, I fell in love with a little creature I am yet to meet, when the reality of a recent decision finally hit me. In 2013, CB and I are going to have a gorgeous puppy in our lives.

Discussions around my family’s border collie Denzel were the perfect ice-breaker for CB and I in the early days of getting to know each other. I learned how much CB loves every kind of dog ever (especially border collies) and Denny’s latest displays of ‘cuteness’ gave me the perfect excuse to start conversations with him. Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane) sure had it right when she specified in her personal ad that potential partners Must Love Dogs.

CB and I have decided that as soon as we’re in a house with a backyard, we’ll welcome a puppy into our world. It isn’t a decision couples should take lightly and as something we’ve both wanted for many years, we’ll be making sure that our puppy has a happy and adventurous life. The breed of our pup is likely to be a border collie although, we don’t have any unchangeable preconceptions about any of the details and believe he or she will find us. Unfortunately, CB had a name already picked out for his future dog before meeting me but that name just so happens to be the first and middle name of my Pop and Dad and I don’t think he wants to use it anymore because of that. So we’ll have to spend some time choosing a name, but that’s going to be lots of fun!

There’s no doubt that he or she will be loved, because without even meeting the cutie, I’m already in full-blown puppy love! Stay tuned for a 2013 post where I introduce the little one to all of you.