ceil chapman was one stylish broad.

Weddings are some of my favorite events – celebrating the love of two people, surrounded by dapper men, pretty frocks and champagne to boot. I’ve got a couple coming up and have found some lovely vintage dresses to wear, all from Etsy and all reasonably priced. Along the way I stumbled across a spectacular American designer who worked in New York from the 40s to the 60s. Obviously those more in the know than I have already heard of Ceil Chapman, but I am only just becoming familiar with this classic fashionista. Her dresses fetch up to $6000 these days and are definitely out of my price range but hey, a girl can dream.

Apparently Chapman was Marilyn Monroe’s favorite designer and after seeing some of her designs, it’s not hard to see why. She used decadent fabrics (lots of silk and lace) and was an absolute master of draping. Her creations truly showed off the feminine form without being too revealing.

Here are some of my favorite pieces available now on Etsy.il_fullxfull_344182224($588, the perfect LBD)


($1,344, such gorgeous ruching)


(I’m a sucker for beautiful red dresses like this one, $2,600)

il_fullxfull_412643551_oxyv(This navy dress is a dream of silk and floral, $445)

when friends get married.

They say there are two sides to every story. Well, the story of Marie and AK’s wedding has hundreds of sides. Everyone who was a part of this special day will have their own wonderful memories and favourite moments. As Marie has, a bride will recount precious memories of one of her best days and probably thank the family and friends who shared it with her. What she won’t tell you is how she was the picture of elegance, calmness and excitement all rolled into one or how her organisation leading up to the big day culminated in the most aesthetically gorgeous setting for a wedding with a totally relaxed and ready-to-party atmosphere.

I thought I would share with you a few of my now cherished memories from September 22.

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my friends are better dancers than yours.

So if you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s post, we got our wedding photos back this weekend. I feel like I’m already bombarded FLM with so many wedding posts, but I just felt the dance floor shots deserved a post of their own. Seriously, our friends and family have some moves! Check them out. Continue reading

september 22 was a good day.

Guests arrived on the cute old-fashioned Tamborine Mountain Trolley and that was one part of the day I wished I could have experienced. We didn’t have a fancy wedding car (it just wasn’t where we wanted to spend our money) but my dad did drive us in a nice rental. We had to do a drive-by because there were still people standing outside, but once we pulled up I was a bundle of nerves and love and happiness and everything all rolled up in one. Continue reading

dum dum da dum.

It’s a beautiful Friday here in lovely Queensland and what better time to start my wedding recap extraordinaire? I’ve settled back into the newsroom (it seems like I was gone for eternity, but never left) and I’ve had time to reflect on that glorious September 22 day at Tamborine Mountain. Professional wedding photos haven’t arrived yet so I will share some of those when they do, but in the meantime I thought I would gush about marrying my sweetheart and also give massive shout outs and thank-yous to those that were involved. Continue reading

the dos and don’ts of wedding week.

September 22 was our big day and it went by so quickly, yet in slow motion at the same time. I want to share as many photos, memories, stories and advice as I can, so if you’re not into weddings you should probably avoid FLM for the next couple of weeks. But before I get into the big stuff I thought I’d start with some advice for the week leading up to the wedding. As the big day approaches, I found a lot of perspective about what weddings are all about.

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