our Oscars red carpet top 3.

Frannie and I are counting down the hours until we finish bootcamp and head back to my place to take in the biggest awards night of the year – the 2013 Oscars! In the meantime we have been discussing the red carpet all morning. Here are our top 3s. All pics from JustJared.com.


3. Anne Hathaway. It’s really her year this year and she’s nailed it when it really counts. Her hair and makeup are spot on and the necklace is perfect with the cut of this gorgeous Prada dress. She’s obviously channeling Audrey and pretty much pulls it off.anne-hathaway-oscars-2013-red-carpet-06 Continue reading

daily outfit: Melbourne town

A Melbourne girls’ weekend, what could be sweeter? Two days filled with good coffee, great wine, vintage shopping, sight-seeing, celebrity spotting and a beautiful coming-of-age film that hit all the marks. Of course we are going to recap these things and of course, there will be lists, but to ease us into what is probably going to be a tough Monday back at work, I thought I’d start with our daily outfits.

On Saturday night we had a beautiful meal and some cocktails at The Panama Dining Room. It was a good excuse to get dressed up and get dressed up we did.

Frannie wore a gorgeous pink floral Review dress (aren’t the red brick walls in her apartment block divine?) She also wore Mimco earrings and Famous Footwear black heels.

After a day of perfectly planned out vintage shopping around Fitzroy, I had picked up some gems, including this crop top and skirt from Friperie Vintage. Of all the many, many shops we visited I think this was my favorite because of the great colletion, wide range of accessories and reasonable prices. Bag is vintage and sandals are ASOS.

this outfit needs a hat.

It’s more than likely that I will be spending Melbourne Cup Day at work, on deadline, chained to my desk. BUT, that doesn’t mean I won’t dress for the occasion and this year I’ve decided on my new mustard yellow 70s vintage nightgown (apparently it’s meant to be sleepwear). It gives me Michelle Williams Oscars vibes and I love vibrant yellow when paired with red lips. I’ve decided on my accessories but am still on the hunt for the perfect hat. Alannah Hill has some really gorgeous racing season headwear and I think these would all go with my outfit. I just can’t decide which one!

A Fictional Romance ($129)

I’ve Had It Fascinator ($149)

The Disappearing Act Hat ($189)

What A Perfect Life Hat ($189)

Dress – vintage from Woolloongabba Antique Centre

Belt – umm I think this is still left from my black hair, Dickies shorts, converse, studded belt days. Works well as a high-waisted number these days.

Shoes – cheap mules from Famous Footwear about 1000 years ago.

halloween is coming and why I’ll never get sick of dressing up.

As you’re reading this I am probably reclining in a hammock by the water, sipping a cocktail and trying to decide whether I want to snorkel or kayak this afternoon. Cruel, I know. Wedding updates probably won’t come for another week or so, but in the meantime let’s get excited about Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday of the year and has been ever since living in Ireland as a wee lass (where Halloween originated, for all you fools who say it’s an American holiday). I remember attending bonfire night, throwing firecrackers, playing pranks and eating lots and lots of sweets. And of course, dressing up!

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advanced style.

As the fabulous Coco Chanel said – “Fashion fades, only style remains the same“. With that in mind, I have found myself slightly obsessed with stylish women of a certain age lately. A stylish young girl walking down the street is all well and good, but a woman rocking grey (or purple rinsed) hair, pearls and huge sunglasses is fierce. For a better understanding of what I’m talking about, check out the blog Advanced Style and their upcoming documentary. Here is the trailer.

AK’s father once told me that it’s easy for a 20-something woman to look well, she has nature on her side. It’s aging that is a true test of beauty and style. These women are testament to that. The mastermind behind the project is New York photographer Ari Seth Cohen – he roams the streets of New York looking for the most stylish and creative older folks.

In Cohen’s words, “Respect your elders and let these ladies and gents teach you a thing or two about living life to the fullest. Advanced Style offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.”

girls just wanna have fun.

Saturday saw our pre-wedding festivities kick off, with AK heading down to the Byron hinterland for his bucks while I was treated to a scrumptious high tea at the Emporium Hotel, followed by a night of girlish fun at a penthouse in town.

High tea at the Emporium was such a delight – the food was delicious, the staff were very accommodating and the space was simply divine. Check out the beautiful stained glass window behind us in some of these photos. I was so lucky to be joined by 30 beautiful ladies at the event organised by two of my darling bridesmaids – Frannie herself and Emily. They did an amazing job and I seriously could not have had a better day. We played a cute game to see how well everyone knows me, including AK (he did well) and we sipped cocktails and ate scones and macarons. Yum!

Our wonderful wedding photographer Jess took some beautiful photos during the day I just had to share. 
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weekend antics.

I know it’s Wednesday now and the weekend just past is a distant memory, but I’d like to recap on the wonderful two-day break I had. On Friday my dear friend Katie came over to bake some cupcakes for her impending Mario Kart-themed party. You definitely should go and check out her photos, it was a ridiculously great theme for a birthday and I’m sad I missed out (more on that a bit later).

Then I made my way to the airport TO PICK UP FRANNIE!!!! Hooray! We’ve officially been living in separate states for a month and it was our first time catching up. My dear friend had come up to help me with some wedding tasks and the time sped by far too quickly. We had a month of chatting to catch up on and I think it was after 2am when we finally went to sleep. Bliss.

Unfortunately, last week I’d had some heartbreaking news that my dear cousin Ciara had passed away. She was a year older than me and we spent a lot of our childhood attached at the hip – obsessed with puppies in your pocket, horror stories and giving our Barbies terrible haircuts. I traveled to Toowoomba with my brother for the funeral and absolutely loved that her sisters requested we all dress in bright colors rather than black. The service was beautiful and there were some fantastic stories shared.

Attending the funeral of someone close always makes me stop and reassess – it reiterates how lucky I am to have so many loving relationships in my life and reminds me to make the most of life while I’ve got it. It was definitely odd to go from that emotional moment back to wedding planning, but I guess it’s all part of the deal.

Here’s a photo of Frannie and Mia to cheer us all up.

Sunday was D-Day – absolute wedding planning chaos. While a certain Melbournite slept in until a leisurely 10am (so jealous – lucky girl), I was consumed by wedding thoughts, lists, worst-case scenarios and deadlines and unfortunately only managed about four hours sleep. I have a feeling this kind of stress is going to reappear in the next four weeks as the big day looms ever-closer.

A breakfast at Fig Tree Deli fueled us for the craziness that followed. Frannie had baked eggs and I had muesli with fruit. Both were fantastic, as was the coffee.

Collect vintage salt and pepper shakers as favors, I said. It’ll be quirky and cute and so easy, I said. Hmm. I need 100 sets in total and so we unpacked all the little Ebay boxes with 10 sets here, 20 sets there and found I have 91 sets. So close! We assigned a set to each guest that’s coming and there was some serious conversation about which ones to give everyone. I hope we did a good job, or at least hope we’ll make some people laugh with the really hideous ones.

Then we packed a box full of stuff destined for the wedding venue – guest book, cake topper, glass bottles, doilies, polaroid camera, pine cones… all the usual stuff. This might not sound like we did much, but we spent about 5 hours on wedding duty so we rewarded ourselves with dinner and a glass (or 2) of wine. Then I had to say goodbye to my dear girl and prepare myself for the week ahead.