born to lie.

I have heard famous actors say in interviews that they have the best job in the world. That they never had to grow up, spending their days playing make-believe and dressing up. That’s sort of the way I feel about writing… like it has kept me well and truly in touch with my inner child. Hopefully, in turn, that will help me to understand my own future children better.

I have mentioned before that one of my most vivid childhood memories is from the day, 6-year-old Frannie asked to be excused from class to go to the bathroom and instead found herself wandering down to the playground singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow to my adoring, albeit invisible, munchkin fans. More recently, I found my Grade 1 journals that further supported the idea that I was born to lie, i.e. write fiction. When I asked my Mum if she was ever concerned about how much I lied as a child, she said that she didn’t believe I lied, just that I stretched the truth to create a more magical reality.

not the whole truth.

Uncle Cam with the dolphins.

There were stories of fairies, of animals I befriended and recounts that my adult brain knows are ridiculous exaggerations but my child brain would have believed wholeheartedly. So I’m glad my parents hoarded all of my ‘stuff’ while I was younger. Now my journals, as embarrassing as they are, take pride of place on my desk serving to inspire and stir my imagination. They’re also a reminder that I picked the correct creative path by choosing words over art… the illustrations leave quite a bit to be desired.


five life lessons i learnt from my dad and brother.

My family didn’t have the greatest weekend. My parents have just moved in to a beautiful, brand new home that they built with my little brother and after only a couple of weeks living there and while they were upstairs, someone broke in to their home smashing the glass pane of their door out back and attempting to steal my mum’s handbag and her car from the driveway. My dad actually caught the guy holding him there, with my brother’s help, until the police arrived.

Being faced with this and knowing that my dad and brother are the protectors of their home and their family, I got to thinking… Thinking about the ways they have looked after their girls, my mum, sister & I and also about the high bar they set for any other man who comes in to my life (luckily, I’ve found someone who reaches those dizzying heights). I have learned so much from my dad and even though I thought it was me handing out the life lessons to my baby bro, I have learnt invaluable lessons from him as well. These are the things they have taught me:

daddy and i.

me and t.

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a pictures worth.

I am in the process of setting up a completely ‘zen’ and inspiring workspace at home to write in. I mentioned this in a post before and noted that the desk is actually my great, great Grandmother’s dresser. I adore it. I flipped the mirror of the dresser revealing these incredibly untouched, dark panels of wood which gave it a kind of rustic feel. So I have my old copy of The Glass Menagerie sitting atop a pile of my favourite books, have bought a bunch of dried lavender to hang as well as some twine and wooden pegs to string up and hang photos from.

Great Grandma Jessie's dresser.


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come on Cleo Magazine, you can do better.

I want to start by saying I read a lot of magazines. It’s my guilty pleasure, the antithesis of my job writing community news. I love to flick through NW on the treadmill, or Who on my lunch break and I totally accept these publications for what they are – light-hearted escapism.cleo.jpg

That being said, I was reading Cleo Magazine this morning at the gym and it made me angry. Like smoke coming out of my ears, had to throw the magazine away, vowed never to buy it again angry. I’m not a regular Cleo reader, but it’s my understanding that since the new editor came on board at the end of last year, the magazine has been touting itself as a new, more dynamic read for its target audience (which is professional 20-somethings like myself). As part of the relaunch in April it was announced there would no longer be any big ‘sex sells’ cover lines, so it gave the impression the magazine was angling towards a smarter, more well-rounded reader.

This month’s cover has the flashy headline ‘Sexism exposed!’, which seems like a pretty decent concept to explore. But the article I took issue with was the interview with Girls creator Lena Dunham. I’m no die-hard Dunham fan, but I know she’s an educated, articulate woman with a progressive agenda challenging the status quo of how women are presented in the media. She would be in my top 3 entertainers I would love to interview and I can think of dozens of things I would want to ask her and write about her.girls

I always take note of how writers put together a celebrity profile – sometimes they lead with a description of the interview setting, what the subject is wearing, what their demeanor is like. Or if it’s not a face-to-face interview, writers often try to sum up all the milestones or recent achievements of said talent. Now, think for a minute of all the ways you could sum up Lena Dunham and what she has achieved in the past couple of years. Got it?

Now here’s the actual intro:
“You’ve probably seen Lena Dunham naked as many times as you’ve seen your boyfriend in the buff.”

Really? That’s the most newsworthy thing this writer has taken from two seasons of Girls? That she gets naked a bit? Cool.

And just in case you think I’m taking one line out of context, here’s the second line:
”In hit TV show Girls, the 27-year-old writer, creator and actor flaunts her tummy wobbles in a way most actresses would never dare.”
Yeah…. The show isn’t about a flagrant nudist running around the streets of New York flashing her ‘tummy wobbles’. It’s about the uncertainty of graduating in a recession and trying to figure your shit out in your early twenties. Dunham is naked the same amount of time normal people are naked in their normal lives.

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hoarding vs purging.

vintage dress for saleAre you a hoarder or a purger? Do you save every last thing you ever wore – fat clothes and skinny clothes, expensive impulse purchases and ill-fitting trend items? Birthday cards from every year, receipts for items that are long since lost or broken, boxes (so many boxes) and hand-me-down trinkets. Or are you more like me – sending bags to op shops every six months ago, after another sudden urge to ruthlessly ‘clear out’.

I must admit there’s been times when I’ve thought ‘where is that lovely dress I bought from that place that time?’ and then realised I’ve thrown it out. So there is definitely a downside to purging. But mostly it’s pretty amazing.

I’m clearing out my closet in an attempt to keep things simple and make room for the beautiful things I am yet to purchase. If you like vintage clothes, please check out our Etsy shop for some lovely bits and bobs, including a wedding dress I bought but didn’t end up wearing.

laser tattoo removal is not as bad as you’d think.

In keeping with this post and my quest to right the dubious choices of my past, I had my first laser tattoo removal appointment on Saturday. No, I haven’t decided to go back to a clean slate, I just want to remove the script on the back of my legs. Every other tattoo is coverable, out of sight and just for me. The ‘one love’ on my legs sparks at least one conversation a week with some righteous weirdo or creepy random that I would prefer not to have.LTR-3

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green smoothies.

green smoothiesI’ve been known to partake in the odd juice cleanse or two, but mostly I’m not a bandwagon jumper when it comes to health and diet. My mantra is basically ‘eat well most of the time and exercise so you can have treats’. Because contrary to what Kate Moss might tell us, I do believe there are things that taste better than skinny feels. Like cupcakes. And wine. That being said, my latest addiction has been making green smoothies for breakfast. It’s partly a time-saving strategy, partly a way to squeeze some extra greenery into my day. But mostly, they are just delicious.

I’ve been making them for AK and I for about a month now and while they aren’t the miracle drink they have been touted as in some circles, I have noticed a genuine difference in energy levels, weight and skin health. Maybe it’s because the smoothies have replaced my very ordinary old breakfast of Vegemite on toast, but I’m definitely feeling like more of a morning person these days. My skin is clearing up and I feel less bloated and lethargic. I would thoroughly recommend them as a breakfast for just about anyone. The best part is, you can play around with the ingredients and mix and match until you find a taste you like. We tried one morning with protein powder added, but that was blergh.

My green smoothie (for two)

2 cups spinach leaves

4 celery stalks

A handful of kale (if I can find it – it’s hard to track down in Brisbane)

2 kiwi fruit

1/2 cup cucumber

1 cup of frozen berries

1 cup coconut water


-Blend and serve-