why frannie loves marie. Equal parts talent, ambition, kindness and class, Marie is not only someone I admire, but also one of my dearest friends. She is a modern-day treasure hunter, vintage-styled summertime sweetheart and the most eloquent writer I know. Knowledgeable on all the latest and greatest cinematic masterpieces, her love of the horror genre could see her easily play the part of any slasher flick’s sole surviving heroine. Follow her posts here, but be prepared to fall as in love with her wit and words as I am with the girl who penned them.

why marie loves frannie. Frannie is a darling lady, a beautiful writer and a wonderful friend. Her love of sci-fi and rugby league may baffle me at the best of times, but more often than not we agree. She is a betty born of the wrong era – I imagine her as a 1950s poodle skirt-swirling, pin curl-wearing, Elvis-loving wordsmith complete with cat eye glasses and a fabulous headscarf. She is working on a novel I’m sure will be a success so follow her posts here to say ‘I liked her before she was famous’.

Brisbane-based but with our heads in the clouds, email us at frannielovesmarie@gmail.com

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      • Literally just started it and am still trying to learn etc. I really should put more time in going through the ‘manuals’ to maximise what I am doing and get some sort of order. But isn’t it a load more fun to just put up a couple of articles about things you love etc…Any tips gratefully accepted. 😎

      • We’ve been running this one for just over a year now and I don’t think I’ve ever looked at manuals either haha! I think you’re on the right track that as long as you’re putting the effort and fun in to the writing that goes on your blog, then that’s the main thing 🙂

  1. I have just received another award, the ‘Inner Peace’ award and part of the deal is to nominate three deserving recipients. Having read your blog regularly I thought that this is something that you deserve and I wish you every success in finding the inner peace that you seek. May you be happy and content in life and learn to simply trust and listen to yourself. Hoping that you accept this well meant award. Please see my blog for details. MM

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