stop and smell the roses.

Look, I don’t want to name names *cough*Frannie&Marie*cough*, but two besties recently set out on a mission to re-watch the entire six series of US TV drama Dawson’s Creek. This fraught with emotions journey back to Capeside circa 1998 began last Saturday where in the pilot episode, the audience is introduced to way-too-self-aware-to-be-15, 15-year-olds Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen. Stories ensue that centre on friendship, family and the confusion that surrounds puberty, young love and whether 90s fashion was ever a good idea. Joey’s incessant eye-rolling and lip-biting aside, I know this is going to be a rowboat ride down memory lane that I will thoroughly enjoy.

More terrifying to me than the fact that I really love what most people would call ‘bad’ television, is the realisation that I’m a lot like young Dawson Leery. The same Dawson Leery who I find infuriatingly dramatic and oblivious to the world around him. The same film-addicted Dawson Leery who said “I reject reality”.

you're telling me.

The moment he said that, was the moment it hit me – if life does ever get too ‘real’ for me I retreat to a world of books, film & television. I often wish I could enlist Tim Burton to create a world just for me where days were spent resting in fields of daisies, where the hug of the warm sun would always be felt and seen in the rosy blush of everyone’s cheeks. Other times I dream that my house has been swept away at night and that I have awakened to the songs, colours and wonders of Oz. I am 25 however and reality does tend to smack you really hard in the face at this age, so while I will probably always turn to fiction first for comfort, there a few very real things that come to mind when I need some reminding that reality can be just as magical as my imagination.

For instance, if you’re feeling a little inexplicably blue but are lucky enough to have younger cousins, nieces or nephews or siblings etc, then have a chat to a child. Kids will have you hearing the gentle hum of fluttering fairy wings and soon anything will seem possible. I remember being extremely excited to spend time with CB’s family one weekend following a few very anxious days. CB said to me, “wear the best smile you can muster to get you through the week and then when you see L (his 8-year-old niece), she will turn them in to real smiles”. Which of course she did.

The smell of fresh flowers, the taste of chocolate, a clear starry night sitting around a crackling campfire, sand between your toes, a first kiss… these are all examples of real magic, sensations that can’t be experienced when living vicariously through a Nicholas Sparks novel-come-movie.

So while I will continue on my mission to complete re-watching the Dawson’s Creek series and will on occasion hideaway in a dark cinema, in future this will merely be for a quick timeout from reality until I’m ready to once again go out in to the world and enjoy it for all that it’s worth!


3 thoughts on “stop and smell the roses.

    • Haha it definitely would! It’s pretty funny actually that I associate his imagery so much with romantic settings! Well when that warm sun goes down in the world he creates for me, that’s when Tim can inject a bit of his gothic-ness in to the situation 😉 x

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