a pictures worth.

I am in the process of setting up a completely ‘zen’ and inspiring workspace at home to write in. I mentioned this in a post before and noted that the desk is actually my great, great Grandmother’s dresser. I adore it. I flipped the mirror of the dresser revealing these incredibly untouched, dark panels of wood which gave it a kind of rustic feel. So I have my old copy of The Glass Menagerie sitting atop a pile of my favourite books, have bought a bunch of dried lavender to hang as well as some twine and wooden pegs to string up and hang photos from.

Great Grandma Jessie's dresser.


Has someone ever said to you that a picture is worth a thousand words? It’s not my favourite saying. As a writer I would much rather superfluously describe something with scrumptious adjectives than to just show you a picture of it. However, it’s the superfluous part that I’m trying to cut down on in my writing… To only say what is necessary and not assume that whoever is reading my story can’t come to their own conclusions without me spelling it out for them. So I am surrounding this workspace with these pictures and I’m not going to tell you their background, who they are of or where/when they were taken (even though if you read FLM often you’ll probably know). These pictures tell a story of my family, my heart and you can take away your thousands worth of words from them, however you like 🙂

my loves.

my nan and pa. sweethearts for many years.us.









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