hoarding vs purging.

vintage dress for saleAre you a hoarder or a purger? Do you save every last thing you ever wore – fat clothes and skinny clothes, expensive impulse purchases and ill-fitting trend items? Birthday cards from every year, receipts for items that are long since lost or broken, boxes (so many boxes) and hand-me-down trinkets. Or are you more like me – sending bags to op shops every six months ago, after another sudden urge to ruthlessly ‘clear out’.

I must admit there’s been times when I’ve thought ‘where is that lovely dress I bought from that place that time?’ and then realised I’ve thrown it out. So there is definitely a downside to purging. But mostly it’s pretty amazing.

I’m clearing out my closet in an attempt to keep things simple and make room for the beautiful things I am yet to purchase. If you like vintage clothes, please check out our Etsy shop for some lovely bits and bobs, including a wedding dress I bought but didn’t end up wearing.


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