sometimes i get it right.

My incredibly loving and generous brother rang me just before my birthday this year and asked me what my favourite magazine was. A seemingly random question at the time (especially as he got his answer and finished the conversation off with ‘righto, catch ya later’) but it was actually his way of finding out which magazine to buy me a 12 month subscription to as a present. My answer was Cosmopolitan and so I am in my third month of conveniently receiving every issue delivered to my doorstep. Thanks little bro!

I have previously alluded to the fact that I grew up seeking to understand aspects of my confusing teenage identity by reading magazines and taking the quizzes within them and each time I pick up my Cosmo, I am reminded that in my mid 20s I am no less mystified by the greatest puzzle of my life – me. I find myself closing the well-examined and sometimes dog-eared pages of magazines and questioning what I wear and how I act as well as my relationships and outlook on my career/future.

On top of all the pondering, self-interrogation and not to mention the quarter life crisis in full swing, this month’s issue had an article in it about not leaving consideration of your future to your 30s because by then it is too late. Well that’s the message I took from it, that they were trying to give a gentle nudge to go-with-the-flow 20somethings who weren’t too fussed on ‘settling down’ but might regret said lackadaisical nature once they reach their mid 30s. Instead of inducing a Frannie-style freak out that my friends and family are now used to dealing with on a regular basis since my 25th birthday, the article actually caused me to start thinking about the things that have gone according to plan in my life.

For example, as a child, my answer to the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ was (besides ‘a Princess’) ‘a writer’. I may not be making a living from my writing and yet here I am stringing my thoughts together in this blog and sharing my musings and adventures with you all. Along the way, I am conversing with like-minded people from all over the world and in the end that is why I want to write. To share and learn and have fun. I can check that off the adulthood to do list.

Sticking to thoughts around my career path, while I have always been hard on myself for dropping out of University and not getting a degree, maybe I should be more kind to myself for doing the things that make me happiest. I am now in a job that I enjoy and that I can grow in, in any industry. Surely that constitutes success as much as finishing my degree would have?

Finally, I’m aware that this accomplishment is stretchier than Stretch Armstrong but I have always wanted to be a Mum and I am currently raising my puppy Gracie – a member of my family that I am teaching, providing and sacrificing for and putting before all of my own needs. That is what I imagine motherhood to be like. She brings me such immense joy and so at the moment I am proud of my puppymama status and I know I have the most beautiful little family in CB and Gracie.

the closest I get to a family portrait.

Sometimes I forget about all the wonderful things I have achieved in my 25 years of life that have brought me to here and now. So next month when Cosmo lands in my letterbox, I’ll pay more attention to the wonderfully witty writing of Zoe Foster Blake and spend less time reading too much in to advice articles about love and life when everything is actually pretty darn good for me.

Side note: If you’re struggling for gift ideas, a magazine subscription is a great one! There’s a magazine for every interest/hobby out there so you’re sure to find something that fits.


2 thoughts on “sometimes i get it right.

  1. From one who went to Uni, got the good job they were expected to, made a partner, then a European partner I can say you are doing the right thing. Do what you feel is right for you, being happy is the main goal, not who has the newest, biggest, fastest car etc. Seems to me like you are getting nicely sorted. Enjoy playing happy families. 🐕

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