laser tattoo removal is not as bad as you’d think.

In keeping with this post and my quest to right the dubious choices of my past, I had my first laser tattoo removal appointment on Saturday. No, I haven’t decided to go back to a clean slate, I just want to remove the script on the back of my legs. Every other tattoo is coverable, out of sight and just for me. The ‘one love’ on my legs sparks at least one conversation a week with some righteous weirdo or creepy random that I would prefer not to have.LTR-3

It may be strange to say at this point, but I don’t actually hate those tattoos. It’s just that looking ahead at my plans for a career and a family, I don’t want to have to talk about my tattoos anymore. Ever. I don’t want to compare ‘ink’ with some tribal-covered bogan, I don’t want to explain ‘the meaning’ behind my personal choices and I certainly don’t want to ever be asked if I know that ‘tattoos are for life’.

I had a consultation a couple of weeks ago at Image By Laser at New Farm. It all sounded suitable and I booked my first session for Saturday. It hurt (a lot) but the actual laser procedure took about 30 seconds on each leg. That’s it – over too quickly to really worry about the pain. The tattoos don’t look too different yet, but will apparently fade more after each session. At the moment they just look a little less removal.jpg

Here are the stats: it will take 6 sessions to remove the tattoos completely. Each session is $150 and they must be spaced eight weeks apart. So that’s 12 months, $900 and quite a bit of pain along the way. Is it worth it? To me it is, but that’s a personal choice for those considering it.


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