my favourite time of the day.

If there’s something I have learnt since starting a blog, it’s that there are weeks when I have trouble finding the words for what I would like to say. In those weeks, it is often best for me to say nothing at all – the people have probably had enough of my ‘if superheroes were real’ ramblings. I did come to a realisation today though that keeps bringing the most ridiculous smile to my face. In a bid to highlight the small joys of life to even just one other person, I thought I would quickly share said thought with the readers of FLM.

I realised what my favourite time of day is.

If you had asked me yesterday what time that was, the answer probably would have involved bed time or meal time, but now I know for sure that my favourite time of day is waking up in the morning. I am not a chirpy earlybird and am barely coherent before a coffee, but these days when my alarm goes off in the morning, I could not be happier. I generally hit snooze but am lucky to get another second of shut-eye before my girl Gracie is waking us up with a loud yawn or hiccups or pleads for us to play. CB kisses my forehead, then jumps out of bed to let Gracie outside. As I watch them walk out of the room together, I smile a little smile knowing I am about to begin another day filled with the love of my two favourite beings.

What’s your favourite time of the day? Have a think about it and I’ll bet you can’t help but smile either.

my loves.


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