green smoothies.

green smoothiesI’ve been known to partake in the odd juice cleanse or two, but mostly I’m not a bandwagon jumper when it comes to health and diet. My mantra is basically ‘eat well most of the time and exercise so you can have treats’. Because contrary to what Kate Moss might tell us, I do believe there are things that taste better than skinny feels. Like cupcakes. And wine. That being said, my latest addiction has been making green smoothies for breakfast. It’s partly a time-saving strategy, partly a way to squeeze some extra greenery into my day. But mostly, they are just delicious.

I’ve been making them for AK and I for about a month now and while they aren’t the miracle drink they have been touted as in some circles, I have noticed a genuine difference in energy levels, weight and skin health. Maybe it’s because the smoothies have replaced my very ordinary old breakfast of Vegemite on toast, but I’m definitely feeling like more of a morning person these days. My skin is clearing up and I feel less bloated and lethargic. I would thoroughly recommend them as a breakfast for just about anyone. The best part is, you can play around with the ingredients and mix and match until you find a taste you like. We tried one morning with protein powder added, but that was blergh.

My green smoothie (for two)

2 cups spinach leaves

4 celery stalks

A handful of kale (if I can find it – it’s hard to track down in Brisbane)

2 kiwi fruit

1/2 cup cucumber

1 cup of frozen berries

1 cup coconut water


-Blend and serve-


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