getting my back up, when asked if i back up.

One of the episodes of Sex And The City that sticks so clearly in my mind is the Season 4 episode titled “My Motherboard, Myself”. Carrie Bradshaw ends up with a ‘sad Mac’ and loses all past written work that was being stored on her computer.

When this happens both her boyfriend and best friend, as well as the technician she takes her computer to, ask her when the last time she backed up was… to which Carrie replies, ‘Umm, I don’t do that’.

“No one talks about backing up. You’ve never used that expression with me before, ever, but apparently, everybody’s secretly running home at night and backing up their work.”

I have empathised with Carrie on a number of unfortunate occasions. Terrible relationship decisions in the past, poor budgeting skills, the ability to over-think absolutely everything and then, last night, I understood exactly how maddening it is to be asked, “do you back up?”.

In this day and age where people are run by technology, thou must vow to never, not back up.

So, what does backing up involve? I’m well aware some of you are currently scoffing at me, knowing all too well that the process involves making copies of the stored information on your computer/phone/emails etc. Doesn’t everyone? Well I didn’t! And it cost me the entire contents of my iPhone which needed to be restored after a system update gone wrong. When I was still trying to comprehend what had gone wrong, CB turned to me and said ‘when was the last time you backed up?’. Cue the first of many crazy, Carrie-style outbursts of frustration/anger at my sweetheart boyfriend who was only trying to help, spending hours on his computer trying to find a way to return my iPhone to its former glory. Sorry CB!!

Didn’t I just promise yesterday to be more graciously accepting of help when it’s offered to me?

Anyway, similarly to Carrie, I had some irreplaceable items (photos and videos) on my phone that would have been lost if it weren’t for the fact that I’d sent them to people who can now send them back to me. One of these videos had captured my Nan laughing and talking throughout it, a sound I won’t be lucky enough to hear again. I would have been heart-broken to have lost this forever.

While I’m no poster girl for technological progression and preparedness, if you’re like me and don’t back up then maybe the thought of losing your precious memories will prompt you to start. Google it, ask a friend or call an IT professional for help in developing a solid system for doing so.

Now when someone asks me, ‘when was the last time you backed up?’, I can smugly reply, ‘just the other day’.


2 thoughts on “getting my back up, when asked if i back up.

  1. I can relate, except I haven’t solved my back-up situation yet. Basically, my external hard drive – to which I saved everything as a back-up, especially my files from my college computer that was slowly dying – became unreadible. The light turns on when I plug it into my laptop, but that’s it. I think I can pay to try to get the information restored, but I haven’t done it. Right now, I’m kind of just feeling liberated about not having so many files around. I mean, really, how much do I need my final paper from the undergrad course on “blackness” and what it means? Hopefully, I learned more from the process of writing than what I’d actually learn from saving and rereading the file.

    • Well I did conveniently leave out the part where this has happened to me before… but that was a new phone so it just wiped contacts and a few photos etc. this time I nearly lost that video of my nan and all my photos of my puppy. So I’ve charged my partner with back up duties now haha.

      I can completely understand where you’re coming from with the liberated feeling. I didn’t have my phone for two days while this was happening and I started thinking about hwo nice it was to not rely on it so much. I like your idea that we learn more from the writing process than just keeping the file stored 🙂

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