gracie the graduate.

My Gracie is now just over four months old and last Sunday, she graduated from puppy school! They grow up so fast.

proud puppy papa.

We took Gracie to puppy school with Urban Dog Training, coincidently-not-on-purpose the same place Marie & AK took their gorgeous Mia when she was a youngin’. She fast became the lovable rascal, even being the only student to be ‘timed out’ during class (or ‘red carded’ as CB and I announce it as at home).

If you’re wondering whether you need to take your precious pup to pre-school, well I’m here to tell you that your life will be made easier tenfold if you do.

As you know, baby Grace is a border collie x kelpie and I don’t feel shame asserting that she’s faster and more coordinated than me, probably more intelligent and definitely more mischievous… must get that last trait from her puppydaddy. This is a killer combo that could have brought about some really frustrating teething problems within the first couple of years of Gracie’s life. In fact, it did bring on some early frustration when we simply could not settle her down or stop her from play-biting and excitedly jumping all over guests, accidentally scratching them as a result.

We learned a stack of invaluable info over the five-week course of puppy school, that only takes an hour out of your week (and is actually lots of fun because you get to ooh and ahh over all the other precious pups there). After a short excited outburst at the sight of new humans, Gracie now knows she must sit still if she wants someones attention. Gracie can sit, shake, drop, roll over and stays put if you ask her to wait. Puppy school taught her manners and that was the one outcome we really wanted to see.

Puppy school is not just for working breeds and naughty pups either. We had every size of dog in our class from dalmatians to a chihuahuas and everyone benefited from the lessons. Some needed to learn how to stop their tiny pups from barking and crying all day long, others had dogs who were terribly shy and needed a bit of confidence. I feel that puppy schools also teach the importance of positive reinforcement and ‘punishment’ in the form of a time-out rather than smacking your pup. If you have an older dog at home who is a bit cheeky or you want to adopt a dog that is older than the puppy age bracket, then most companies (like Urban Dog Training) have classes suited to mature pets as well.

There truly is something for everyone in these canine classrooms!

sit pretty.


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