our 2013 Met Gala best dressed.

Yesterday was the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Met Gala Ball and I imagine it felt like working on Christmas Eve in a toy store to the staff of E! Channel’s Fashion Police. They would busily and excitedly take note of all the fashion triumphs and tragedies of celebrities who walked the red carpet, dressed to the ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’ theme. I can just imagine the one-liners Joan Rivers is bursting to come out with today after this theme saw some play it too safe while others played a little too hard. Then there were those who played it just right… in our humble opinion anyway.

Here are our top 5 best dressed (photos courtesy of JustJared.com):

Third best…

Marie’s pick – Nicole Richie

I loved everything about Nicole’s vampy look. I love that she committed to the white hair and actually pulled it off. The Topshop dress itself might not be very punk-rock, but the way she styled it and the attitude she wore it with sure was. So many celebs seemed to really struggle with this years theme, but Nicole was in her element.

nicole richie topshop.

Frannie’s pick – Cara Delevingne

The eye make-up, heavy brows and plunging neckline with dramatic gold studs looked so punk-chic. I wasn’t so much a fan of Delevingne’s white clutch but the rest of the outfit was sleek and stylish and true to theme. Not surprising that I picked this though, it’s a long-sleeved, punk-ish version of Samantha Barks’ Oscars dress that I adored.

I thought it was a slightly more polished version of Sienna Miller’s look (who you can see in the background of the below pic) that I also loved.

cara delevingne

Second best…

Marie’s pick – Anne Hathaway

My red carpet choices of late make it look like I’m a Hathaway fan girl (Hatha-loonie? Hatha-ho?) when it’s actually quite the opposite. But it just so happens that I loved her Oscars look and then she pulled this look out at the Met. Her hair is incredible and the tiger stripes are hot. Let’s just ignore the Cruella Deville fluffy sleeves and focus on the overall package.

anne hathaway.

Frannie’s pick – Blake Lively

Gorgeous in Gucci, Blake Lively is my biggest girl crush and hardly ever gets it wrong on the red carpet. She was so captivating in fact that I almost didn’t notice the screaming lady in the background of the photo.

blake lively.

And check out the adorable mani she was sporting (to go with her to-die-for engagement ring & wedding band).

lively nails.

Drum roll please for our unanimously agreed upon BEST DRESSED…

Rooney Mara in Riccardo Tisci.

That lip colour. That complexion. The perfect details of lace and zip and buckle, showing skin in all the right places. I’m sure our list isn’t the only one Rooney Mara will top. It seemed that black was the colour of the night, so this all white ensemble really stood out; soft yet structured, it was simply stunning.

rooney mara.rooney mara back.


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