monsters at GoMa.


There are few things I love more than a classic horror film, so the film festival Monsters currently on at GoMA is right up my dark, scary alley. It started last month, but is on until the start of June so there is still plenty of time to take in one of the dozens of screenings. They are showing everything from 1930s films like Frankenstein and The Mummy, right through to recent films like Cabin In The Woods. If I was looking to take someone on a date, I would totally take them to GoMA for a horror flick. Such a beautiful setting.

Wolf-Man GwenI saw The Wolf Man (1941) on Saturday afternoon and it was so much fun. I started getting a migraine mid-way but it didn’t ruin the experience (just my night). I love the extreme use of shadows and light vs dark in old films like this, when special effects were pretty much non-existent. The story was just as spooky and appealing as I’m sure it was when the film came out and I was so enthralled with the costumes and sets. The leading lady Gwen was impeccably dressed throughout.

Frannie and I are hoping to take in Gremlins on Friday night, it’s so exciting to be able to see these film classics and childhood favourites on the big screen.


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