top 20 countdowns.

slothI first had this thought while watching a National Geographic show counting down the top 10 stinkiest animals on the planet. Seriously, that was a real show. It was a pretty gross countdown to be honest, and the number one smelliest animal wasn’t even a skunk (!) it was a vulture so I would question the accuracy of their ‘odorometer‘. I just used a sloth pic because they were number 8 and I love them. Anyway I digress. It’s funny to see Nat Geo and Discovery embracing the Shark Week style of programming, and by that I mean simplifying nature footage into clips to use in top 10 and 20 countdowns, usually with quick editing and cheesy voiceovers.

I enjoy it on a certain level and always get sucked in right through to the end (I need to know what is number 1 every time). It’s not just animal countdowns either. We’ve recently watched countdowns of the following – high-speed chases, wildest police videos, best pranks, most dangerous roads, most poisonous animals and the most deadly. I could nearly put together a top 10 of the best top 10 shows on television.

It made me think though, what if the news was presented that way – top 10 biggest news stories of the night, counting down from 10 to 1. Lots of puns. I know I would have to see number 1. Is budget cuts going to be at the top tonight, or is the cyclone off the coast a bigger story? Stay tuned…

But mainly I’m joking, it’s all a bit mind-numbing isn’t it? Like we can’t watch a documentary about big cats unless they are telling us which ones are better than the others and why.

(I’ve just realised shows like The Project are already definitely doing this. How depressing)


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