i wonder if i could.

One of the first ‘morals of the story’ I remember is from The Little Engine That Could. Remember that book? It was about a train that believed in himself so much that he found the inner-strength to pull an impossibly heavy load up a steep hill while repeating the mantra ‘I think I can’.

It aims to teach children that they can achieve their goals if they really set their mind to it. I’m pretty sure all that young Frannie took away from the story was the belief that trains could talk, being an avid watcher of Thomas the Tank Engine and all. You see, I’ve never really had much self-discipline or the ability to set my mind to a task and stick with it… whether this was an exercise routine, facing a fear, learning to dance, to play an instrument or to speak a new language. This blog is one of the first projects that I’ve really stuck to and that has a lot to do with Marie’s encouragement and the fun we have working on it together.

I have grand notions for undertaking activities or projects that constantly bounce around my mind (see here and here) but always find reasons not to take action… lack of money, lack of time etc. So now I am wondering if I really could do these things? Could I take better care of myself, eat well and exercise on a more regular basis? Would I face my greatest fears and actually spend my weekend and money on swimming with sharks? Only time will tell. I turn 25 this Sunday and the ‘quarter life crisis’ kicking in has been a pretty big motivator for me to start ticking some things off my life to do list. Now that I’ve publicly highlighted my stalling tactics, I’m hoping I’ll hold myself to it. I’ll let you know how I go.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…


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