I’ll have a Chip Coffey to go please.


Sometimes I get weirdly obsessed with characters from bad reality television shows. Yep I know it’s lame and yes I’m completely aware of how much time I waste on such things, but it’s as much a part of me as dinosaurs, writing, dogs and cupcakes so I’m going to write a post about it.You already know this on some level (Brandi Glanville and Shark Week hosts), but no-one has captured my adoration quite like Chip Coffey – psychic, medium and all-round awesome guy. I started watching Psychic Kids because of the subject matter, but I stayed because of Chip.

psychic kids

The premise of the show (if you haven’t been lucky enough to watch it yet) is that Chip and his pal Lisa help children come to terms with their psychic abilities, and perhaps even use them for good. In one episode the psychic kids helped solve a missing persons case and in another they helped a woman get in touch with her dead son. Obviously editing has a lot to do with it, but nine times out of ten the show sucks me in.

I think what really gets me is just how gosh-darn serious Chip takes this stuff. You feel a negative spirit in the room? Chip will make sure it knows – ‘we don’t want you here’. Here is a clip of Chip being awesome.

And then there’s his never ending supply of stylish scarves. Chip takes his scarves almost as seriously as he takes his psychic ability. You can even buy a Chip Coffey scarf from his website for only $20. Bargain. Here’s a montage.





Man I wish I was one of these people meeting Chip in actual, real life. I’d be such a fangirl. So basically I just love Chip Coffey in all his camp, psychic, dramatic glory.


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