is now the time to start saying ‘back in my day’?

The number 25, when converted from a percentage to a fraction, becomes one quarter… and I don’t care how you look at the glass, if it’s only a quarter full then everybody loses. On that note, hands up if you’re turning 25 in less than two months and are none too happy about the resulting quarter life crisis? Because you can’t see me right now, let me assure you that my hand is hanging half-heartedly in the air.

top up that glass and hide me from the dreaded 25.

Sex And The City (whether you like it or not) became a cult classic, contemporary representation of the trials and tribulations of women and their relationships in their 30s. The Carrie Diaries (while it remains to be seen if this will have the longevity of SATC) is a series set in the 80s that looks back on the life of SATC‘s central character Carrie Bradshaw when she was in her teens. Both series are based on the books of the same titles by Candace Bushnell. My questions to Candace is, will there be a book that deals with the insecurities and complications of life in Carrie’s early 20s? I feel like our most explored moments are the awkward teen years first and then later in life, when we reflect on regrets and opportunities missed. Advice is readily handed out for how to handle puberty and ‘never too old’ mantras are quickly adopted when we take on the challenges of our golden years. Well where is the book/show/advice/mantra to help me accept the idea that I’m officially an adult?

25 is my scary age and it is becoming very real ladies and gentleman, creeping up on the horizon with every morning that brings me closer to April 14. I feel officially old. Will CB’s 8-year-old niece start asking me questions only to hear every single reply begin with ‘Well young lady, back in my day…’? Would 12-year-old Frannie look at me through her crystal ball and be upset that I’m not a well-travelled, married pilot with 5 kids and a house in Sydney overlooking the harbour? What have I really done over the last 25 years that earns me the label of adult?

*takes a break from writing this post to pour self a cup of chamomile tea*

Okay, I feel slightly more relaxed… now, to the point.

With rising house prices and the average age to start a family reaching 30 in Australia in 2011, the years of my 20s are shaping up very differently to the way it did for my parents. Apparently I’m not alone in feeling uneasy about this with many reports of the reality of the quarter life crisis floating around cyberspace.

My plan for beating it (other than deciding to celebrate my 21st for the fifth time in a row) is as follows:

  • Spend time with friends and family, who always distract me from my worries and remind me of the good in my life. I will be spending lots of time with Marie who is also turning 21 again in the same fortnight as me.
  • Reflect on the year that has been and realise all of the huge life decisions/changes that actually did take place. Okay, so I may not be a married pilot with 5 kids etc. but I am happy in work, love and life. I moved interstate to be with the man of my dreams and that turned in to the best of friendships, another move interstate that brought us to our own rental house with the most adorable puppy. I wouldn’t switch that for any harbour view on any day.
  • Daydream about all the things I can do in the year that follows. A lot can happen in a year: My Gracie will grow to her full size and CB and I can finally take that road trip we’ve been planning. Maybe we’ll pay off some debt and begin saving for whatever life adventure we choose to take off on next!
  • Write more. FLM will be celebrating its 1st birthday around the time I celebrate my 25th and maybe this will be the year that I finally start churning out some chapters of the story that has been swirling around in my head for years. Maybe it will look at the notion of a quarter life crisis?

These are just my ways of ‘dealing’, although the anxiety associated with getting older is very real and if you are struggling to gain the clarity you need to embrace your mid to late 20s then there is no shame or harm in consulting with a life coach.

If all else fails, I plan to eat a big, fat piece of cake. At least a birthday is the perfect excuse for an overload of cake!


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