be mine, valentine.

my nan and pa. sweethearts for many years.

Frannie Loves Marie went a little Christmas crazy at the end of last year. From my earliest memories of Christmas Eve and Day to now, it has remained my absolute favourite holiday of the year. First comes Christmas, then comes Valentine’s Day.

Tomorrow is the 1st of February and marks a fortnight until V. Day or for some, D. Day. I have heard people say this day (nicknamed Hallmark Day) was invented out of obscurity and marketed by greeting card and candy companies as another way of making money. There’s an actual historical story behind the day though, something to do with the patron of romance Saint Valentine (read more about that here) and I’m sure he didn’t have idealistic visions of making millions selling roses and choccies!

I get it. Let’s celebrate love every day! I mean, if love truly is all you need then we obviously treasure and express it fully every day of the year, right!? Sadly, life gets in the way of love every now and then, even for hopeless romantics like me. The hours fly by as we carry out our daily agendas until we are so exhausted at night that we don’t even have the tiniest amount of energy for letting that special someone know just how much they mean to us. So maybe we do need a gentle reminder to spoil that someone and shower them with love then.

I learnt to love from the best – My parents, my Nan & Pa, Disney & James Cameron. Unfortunately… or maybe fortunately, there were even a couple of jerks along the way that taught me how not to love. I know that life is too short and butterflies feel too lovely to not be openly loving.

I am not one to try to convince people to change their views on any topic… but if you’re still not sold and are left with a gimmicky taste in your mouth at the mention of Valentine’s Day, then why don’t you celebrate love by sending a cute text, writing a lovely note (totally free) or by preparing a candlelit dinner? You have to eat anyway, why not do it by candlelight? Better yet, pick a random date well clear of Feb 14 and surprise your loved one with a gift, sweet message or special outing then instead? And even after all that, if you still don’t feel like being sweet and romantic, then the only thing I can surmise is that you and I are not meant to be. Of course, we’re both totally ok with that because I would definitely sicken you with my sappy ways and besides, I’m really in to my current boyfriend CB, which leads me to this…

To my amazing boyfriend, an adamant non-believer of Valentine’s Day but the only boy for me, will you be mine this February 14?…



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