vanderpump rules my tuesday nights.

Take two overthinking-besties-come-roomies who like to ease their exhausted minds after a long day at work by immersing themselves in all things ‘Tinseltown’ and you get us. Frannie & Marie. When we need a quick escape from reality, we listen out for the latest celebrity news and pending Hollywood projects to chat over or have our noses buried in trash mags and our eyes glued to the television for shows such as Bridezillas or Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Marie has most recently introduced me to the deliciously devilish world of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a world I sadly don’t ever like leaving. So what will I get up to tonight? Undoubtedly I will be sinking into some seriously comfy couches, glass of wine in hand and tuning in to Arena for Vanderpump Rules.

As a The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff, philanthropist, restaurant owning mother-of-two housewife (who is also a babe with the sweetest English accent) Lisa Vanderpump has a new show – Vanderpump Rules. It follows the lives of Lisa & co. focussing on the staff at her West Hollywood located restaurant SUR. They described this restaurant as having a sexy setting and being the place ‘you take your mistress’ as opposed to your wife… which pretty much summarises it’s atmosphere. Her employees are young, good-looking, fame-seeking and most importantly, their lives are filled with drama and love triangles.

Elaborating on a point that FLM has already looked at, I am slowly becoming addicted to VR and on top of this and all the other reality shows I’m slightly invested in, the question that is begging is why? Why do I get so hooked on the going ons of these people’s lives when most people I come in to contact with (including my family) only see the shallow, unintelligent drawl of the rich and/or famous looking to make a buck from airing their personal lives and projects in a public forum. Also, is reality tv making it harder for other celebrities to maintain privacy if the world now sees it as our ‘right’ to know what they’re up to at all times?

These are questions I can’t answer. I do feel guilty every now and then when I buy a mag that gossips about the lives of the rich and famous and takes photos of their most intimate moments, splashing them all over their covers and websites. It isn’t in the position description of an actor that they have to forgo privacy and a normal life and yet human curiosity gets the better of me sometimes. I might try to stick to watching reality tv and dissecting best dressed lists… at least that all takes place in the public eye purposely.

Oh and if you are like me and do enjoy a splash of trash, then tune in to the next ep of Vanderpump Rules. You won’t be disappointed.


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