our North Stradbroke Island day trip.

It has been hot, hot, hot in Brisbane lately so on Saturday myself and Frannie, CB, AK, and Leecee set out on a Stradbroke Island day trip. The weather was near-perfect, the company spot on and we had a day full of beaches, swimming, fishing, clear blue water, and wildlife spotting. We were up bright and early to catch the 8am barge.


It was the first time AK and CB had been to Stradbroke Island so after a scenic drive our first stop was Point Lookout and the gorge walk. Not to be missed for first-time visitors or anyone really. You could do this walk every day and not get sick of the view.

IMG_1480 IMG_1484 IMG_1485 IMG_1486 IMG_1487 IMG_1494

And then we saw turtles! IMG_1506

IMG_1496IMG_1497We did the walk at about 9.30am and already it was absolutely sweltering. I’d recommend keeping that in mind if you’re doing the walk on a hot day. Bring water!

IMG_1512 IMG_1516 IMG_1517 IMG_1519 IMG_1520

That’s when the girls and boys split up – boys went on a search for the perfect fishing spot while the ladies picked up a few treasures at the Dunwich op shop and then had delicious coffee and food at the fruit barn. That place is an absolute treasure.

IMG_1528 IMG_1527

Ugh, so good. After stocking up in town we drove out to Brown Lake for a swim and a bit of reflection. Leecee mentioned the lake was traditionally a meeting spot for women and it was an incredibly serene, picturesque part of the world. Definitely to be respected. Apparently the water is stained a tea-looking brown from the layer of paperbark and ti-tree leaves on the bottom that allows the lake to retain its water. IMG_1529 IMG_1538

In the afternoon we all met up, tried a few fishing spots (including dolphin-spotting at shark bay) and enjoyed some lovely beverages. It was a quintessential summer’s day.IMG_1546


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