thank you drew.

I have always harboured a not-so-secret crush on Adam Sandler. The Wedding Singer was the origin of ‘Grow Old With You’, the song my sister walked down the aisle to and he also brought 50 First Dates to the world, one of the funniest and my most favourite of love stories. So I figure he’s a hopeless romantic and that only adds to my adoration.

Then the other day, Never Been Kissed was playing on the telly. Have you seen it? Following the story’s complication, the undercover reporter character of Josie makes a public apology and plea in an article for her new love to meet her on the pitcher’s mound at the high school ball game and give her, ‘her first real kiss’. It’s a total no-brainer romcom full of easy laughs but every time I watch that final scene, with her waiting for him, I get goosebumps. I’m a total sap.

Epiphany! My adoration extends to Drew Barrymore too! The leading lady of these aforementioned movies as well as the cutie-pie child actor from E.T. who managed to survive the curse of the child star, the most ethereal version of Cinderella that I’m aware of in Ever After and the versatile actress who plays a victim in the cult classic Scream, a confused teen Mum in Riding in Cars With Boys and the desirable Lilly Laronette in Bad Girls. Plus so many more! She has proven that she is funny, talented and beautiful – a killer combo of traits.

Yep, Drew is on my list of girl crushes and I just wanted to thank her on this fine Tuesday for the stories and characters she has brought so beautifully to life for me. If you haven’t watched many of her movies or disagree with me, then at least see 50 First Dates! Please?


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