i swam in the ocean today.

love you. miss you.

I swam in the ocean today.

I jumped out of my car, tiptoed across the hot tar, danced down the wooden walkway to the beach and trudged through the soft sand. Sweltering in the sun. Sunscreen sweating off my skin.

I watched the waves rise and fall. I watched glitters of sunlight sparkle on the horizon. I watched lovers play and adults teach children not to fear the water. I watched out for whales too. I didn’t see any.

I swam in the ocean today.

The drops of water on my body dried quickly in the heat. The salt clung to my skin.

I scooped up a shell and ran my thumbs over its smooth edges as the sand trickled through my fingers. I pressed the shell to my ear and hoped to hear your voice. Squinting through the glaring sun that bounced off the white sand, I thought I saw you in the distance. I closed my eyes and remembered how it felt the last time your hand held mine.

Everything I did today, reminded me of you.

My kids will be taught not to be afraid of the water. My kids will feel my hand holding theirs until they are ready to take on the waves alone. My kids will not meet you but they will know you.

I miss you every day Nan.

I swam in the ocean today.



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