taking on twenty-thirteen.

Happy New Year everybody!


I cannot believe 2013 is here. In fact, we’re nearly a fortnight in already! Where does the time go? Following January 1, CB suddenly became a keen fisherman and started growing a very real and very under-appreciated (or so he feels) moustache.

fishing and facial hair.

Together, we have already celebrated a birthday in the family (CB’s gorgeous niece turned 8), are deep in to the rental application process, can hardly wait to get a puppy and I start my new job next Monday. All of this in the first fortnight of the first month of a New Year.

Inspired by CB’s new interests in fishing and facial hair as well as entrepreneurial Marie’s ideas of exploration, I added an extra resolution to my very relaxed list for 2013 – ‘do something different’. Even if it’s just one thing, my aim is to do something I never really gave consideration to.

I have 12 months to get it done and so far, my ideas include but aren’t limited to:

  • Learn sign language – this is something I decided I wanted to do after CB and I nearly adopted a deaf puppy who had grasped basic sign language. If we had been set up in our own house, we would have brought that little darling home with us then and there and would have had no choice but to learn sign language. After thinking about it  hypothetically, I am very interested in making this a reality now.
  • Buy a camera and take a (good) photo every week – this may seem obvious with the technology at our fingertips in this day and age and is a pretty popular hobby for some. However, being as lazy as I am and notorious for forgetting things I never have any photographic memories of important events. As I get older, I realise how much I treasure photos and in particular those of my parents and grandparents so I want to make this an interest of mine asap.
  • Make a dress – I love clothes and I recently found out that my incredibly talented Nan designed and actually made her stunning ivory, tea-length wedding dress. I might not be able to make the dress from scratch myself but I’d settle for getting my creative juices flowing by designing and picking the material for a dress to give to a dressmaker as a start. Who knows, maybe the ability to sew will follow.
  • Join a choir – Something I thought was left behind me from my primary school days, maybe I would enjoy joining a choir or singing group in my local area. A chance to sing and make new friends seems like win, win to me! Do these groups even exist? I guess I’ll find out.
  • Also, convince CB to get rid of the moustache. At least until Movember… compromise is key.

Bring it on 2013, I’m excited to take on anything and everything you have to throw at me!


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