time to start writing 2013 on stuff.

20130102-165807.jpgBack at work today – the real world. Tinsel is packed away, the tree is gone and we no longer have an excuse to party and eat chocolate all the time. The holiday season is done. As much as I adored all the free time to spend with loved ones, I’m kind of happy the ‘silly season’ is over. At times over the past two weeks I felt like a rag doll having my arms and legs pulled in all different directions, with places to go and people to see 24-7. It’s hard to say no at Christmas time.

To me, the start of the new year is the inspiring time, when people discuss their wishes and resolutions more openly than they would otherwise. You hear the same old ‘lose weight, quit smoking, save money’ promises, but you also hear of desires to travel the world, learn a new skill or reconnect with a lost friend. You hear people coming to terms with mistakes they have made and hopes not to make them again.

Frannie and I have had a long enough break now and our minds are feeling refreshed. So here’s to a fantastic year full of laughter, adventure, growth and romance. xx


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