classic christmas eve viewing.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Mrs Claus is getting Santa’s red suit ready, the elves are packing the presents and the reindeer are resting up for the long trip ahead. Of course, we all know the drill, Santa won’t be shimmying down any chimneys if the residents of said house are still awake. This is something I have struggled with for all 24 Christmases of my lifetime. How can I possibly fall asleep on a ridiculously hot Summer night with all the excitement in the air?

The best way I have found to induce Christmas Eve sleepiness at bedtime is to settle in with a good Christmas themed movie until my eyelids start to get heavy.

pjs = on. movie = on.

Guessing that there’ll be time to sit through a couple of festive flicks in one night, here are four of my recommendations to give you a bit of choice…

For the kids – Home Alone.

As a kid, this movie was played on repeat all year round in the Sutho house, but it’s even better on Christmas Eve. With such classic scenes as ‘that aftershave moment’, watching super cute and clever Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin) try to outsmart two robbers after accidentally being left ‘home alone’ by his parents is a lot of fun! If you were born in the ’90s and still haven’t seen this movie then what are you waiting for?? Watch it! NOW!

For the animation lover – The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Yet another Tim Burton recommendation from me. Seriously though, this movie is the reason behind my affections for him. Understandably, some younger children find it a bit creepy but I just adore it and think the message behind the story to be the sweetest of all Christmas tales. The music is amazing. Hats off, or as Jack Skellington might say, heads off to Danny Elfman – genius composer of the music and lyrics. It isn’t Christmas Eve without a The Nightmare Before Christmas viewing for me.

For the romantics – Love Actually.

A movie that explores the different ways humans love each other, set in December, Love Actually is a feel-good romcom that all of the family can enjoy. This film really set the bar for collage style story-telling and with the most stellar cast Hollywood has to offer (I can’t even begin to list them or I’d have to list them all), every single one of those stories is told brilliantly.

For the adults – Bad Santa.

Double negative I know, but I can’t not watch a Billy Bob Thornton movie. I’m a huge fan! This movie isn’t a typical family friendly Christmas-style film but it is hilarious and he is a shopping centre Santa… so it works. If you’re not in to the more conventional Christmas motifs then pop on Bad Santa. I think you’ll find you feel just as good afterwards as you might having watched Love Actually.

Okay, so now that you know how to bring on a sleepy state this Christmas Eve, sleep my pretties! Then wake up to an abundance of food and gifts and Christmas cheer!

Merry Christmas one and all! Love Frannie and Marie. x.


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