santa honey, i want a yacht and really that’s not a lot…

I try not to get too wrapped up in having ‘things’… but as Madge once said, we are living in a material world. Every now and then I like to let some cheeky thoughts wander off to a shopping centre when I daydream about all the little bits and bobs I’d love to have in my possession. Of all the lists I have ever written, there is one that is my favourite to compile. Spending all year being a good girl and crossing my fingers that Santa will find me on December 24, these are some of the festive season must-haves that this tries-not-to-be-but-kind-of-still-is-a material girl would love Mr Claus to leave under the tree this Christmas.

First to fill out my stocking, Gucci’s new fragrance Gucci Premiere.

gucci premiere.

Maybe I think wearing this divine scent will make me look like Blake Lively (have you seen the ad? Gorgeous!). Regardless though, one thing I know for sure is that the perfect perfume completes an outfit and when I took my first whiff of Gucci Premiere, it was love at first smell.

Next thing I need (want), are some new glasses frames.

potential new pradas

I have terrible eyesight and I think after three years rocking the same frames I’m due for an update. Something a bit lighter than my current ones perhaps. My laziness means that I cannot be bothered putting contacts in each day so I figure that’s a perfect excuse to replace them. Right?

Now that I’ve got my eyes sorted, I’ll move on to another facial feature – the lips. Santa please bring me a red lippy to match your sleigh?

red lips.The first time I really wore red lipstick, or any lipstick for that matter, was at Marie’s wedding this September. It was a pretty scary addition to my normal make up routine, but now that I have given it a go, I think I might like to try mastering it myself.

I guess all that’s really left to ask for is a cute, new little black dress to team with my red lipstick. Something like this Wish tunic dress…


A bit of sparkle and a bold red lip would be perfect for New Year’s Eve and welcoming in 2013 in style.

While I’m busy writing my list, there is of course one thing I want more than all of the Wayne Cooper dresses ever made. A puppy. As I’ve mentioned before, CB and I cannot wait to welcome a fluffy and slobbery addition in to our world but for now we have to be patient ensuring the home we have created is ready for our new best friend. If you are planning on giving or getting a puppy (or other furry friend) this Christmas, please remember all the responsibility that comes with being a pet owner and that the little darling is a gift for life.

man's best friend.


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