tis the season to be jolly.

It is no secret that Marie and I love this time of year. For as long as we’ve known each other, December has meant summertime adventures & celebrations and the excitement the promise of a New Year brings. Throw in to the mix time with our beloved families and a stint as room mates together and this was always going to be one of my favourite and most memorable Christmases yet.

It hadn’t really felt or looked like Christmas until I spent my first week back as a resident of sunny Brisbane. After settling in to Marie and AK’s divinely decorated dwelling, I finally felt that familiar Yuletide excitement creep in. The best part of it all – hanging out and laughing together in the evening with the ambience of fairy lights twinkling in the background. Cue our first adventure as house mates… the 4KQ Christmas lights tour!

snow in brisbane.

touching snow.

more snow.

We drove North, West and to the South-East to see the best that Brisbane had to offer in the way of Christmas light displays. We were not disappointed. A day later we watched a show on Lifestyle, Aussie Christmas Lightswhich was a cute insight in to the effort and pride people put in to their displays. It depicted just how much joy the lights bring others and really showed the Christmas spirit in action as communities gather together in celebration. We didn’t get around to seeing it this year, but one house even has a light show timed to carols!

I couldn’t wipe the happy little grin from my face as we strolled through one street that offered fake snowfall, a singing polar bear and giant snow globe. Santa was even chilling out in one of the garages. Men and women of every age enjoy the lights and if you haven’t taken the drive to see them in person before, then you definitely should. There’s no better or more jolly way to kick off the festive season.


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