every second house has a pool.

That’s when it hit me. Sitting on the plane about to touch down in Brisbane and hearing the Victorian local behind me astonished at the abundance of pools in the backyards of Queenslanders, I realised I was home. It is my favourite time of the year – Christmas and summertime. The air smells of jasmine, storms roll in and out before the sun is again shining down and I practically live on the sand by the salt-water. Soon, my sweetheart would roll in to town after the long (but surely fun) Melbourne to Brisbane road trip with AK and we would finally get to set up shop together in the sunshine state.

lazing on a sunday afternoon.

qld summer sunset.

sunny coast. when cb crossed the border into qld.brisbane story bridge.

cb and me.

CB and I are living with Marie and AK for the time being and could not be more excited heading in to the New year. They have made us feel right at home and set us up in the sweetest room.

I have never been happier to be in Queensland. Bye bye chilly Melbourne Decembers and hello Brisbane!


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