a comical sutho saturday.

CB loves documentaries! The closest I get to a documentary is watching a Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon… he tells me reality tv doesn’t count. In a bid to find a doco we might both enjoy, he set us up for a viewing of National Geographic Channel’s Comic Store Heroes and I loved it. It was the next best thing to actually being able to visit New York Comic-Con and Midtown Comics, a dream I hope to make a reality one day.

With CB working interstate again this weekend, my Mum and I thought it would be the perfect time for her to pay me a little visit before I moved home and my little brother T decided he would join us. They’re coming for a brief overnight stay so I had to think long and hard about how best to spend our time, especially as it wasn’t a girls weekend with T around and it was his first visit to Melbourne. I had comics on the brain and as T and I share a love of all things DC and Marvel I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to strap on my Superman Cons and drag my family to Melbourne’s best comic book stores – Comics ‘R’ Us, Classic Comics & All Star Comics.

me and t.

Here’s what we thought…

Comics ‘R’ Us – 1st floor, 220 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD.

This was the first store we visited following a hearty breakfast and giant cup of coffee. With the convenience of online shopping these days, the first things I’m interested in when I enter a store are the atmosphere and the service and Comics ‘R’ Us did not disappoint. It was well set out, had some really cool stuff (2 Star Wars pinball machines!!) and the staff were friendly… and judging by their conversations, really knew their stuff. Stop number one was a success and our spirits were high.

Classic Comics – 7/50 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD.

Classic Comics was a bit hard to find at first. If you pay them a visit, head to 50 Bourke St but the entrance is actually off Liverpool St. A smaller store than the first, it was still full of some great little finds. As soon as you walk through the door you are greeted by a glass cabinet full of pretty cool limited edition statues and figurines as well as some old school collectables. I loved that cabinet.

On to the final stop…

All Star Comics – Level 1, 410 Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD.

CB took to me All Star Comics when I first moved to Melbourne and I was like a kid in a candy store, so I couldn’t wait to take T there. This shop is amazing. You catch a lift one floor up from street level and as soon as those doors slide open you step into a comic wonderland and everyone is made to feel welcome. We spent the longest time here, being helped tremendously by those who work there and both T and I left with presents to ourselves. My credit card is still recovering from my successful shopping trip with Marie last week, so I bought one little item I just couldn’t leave without – Marvel’s re-telling of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

i couldn't leave without it.

T bought some limited edition prints that CB and I had actually contemplated buying him for his birthday earlier in the year. I’m glad that he loved them just as much as I did and hope they made the journey home with him and Mum safely.

Our walk around the block to check out the comic stores of Melbourne was just one adventure over the course of a really busy but totally brilliant day. I had so much fun showing some of my family where I’ve been living the past few months and although we all wished CB could have joined us as we wined and dined in the city, it truly was one of the best days.


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