ghost tour of smelbourne.

One of my top 5, all-time favorite conversations to have with people is to talk about supernatural experiences. I love to live vicariously through first, second or even third-hand recounts of spooky encounters, scary run-ins and creepy bumps in the night. So when Frannie surprised me with a ghost tour of Melbourne on Saturday night I knew this girl had the key to my heart. The ‘Old Melbourne Tour’ didn’t kick off until 10.30pm so I was totally prepared to be scared out of my mind.

The tour wasn’t what we expected – it was more of a historical look at this amazing city with some interesting murder and death stories in between. Our host seemed to me like a drama student who was looking for a part-time job and I think he did reasonably well. I guess wearing all black and eyeliner is a prerequisite for hosting a ghost tour? Our group was an eclectic mix of folks and it was quite funny to be walking past clubs and people on a night out. Drunks heckled and a waiter did a very amusing impression of a ghost (by putting a napkin on his head) – and it was the only one we saw on the whole tour. Still, it was fun to explore different laneways and I absolutely love the idea that Jack the Ripper ended up in Australia. I’m definitely a believer. We don’t tend to take very many things seriously when we’re together, so by the end of the tour anything and everything was making us laugh. Especially when our guide referred to Melbourne as ‘Smelbourne’ because of the lack of a sewerage system in the 19th century. Yeah, we’re pretty mature. Our inability to take things seriously also clashed with the guide’s desire to take things VERY seriously and I may have been yelled at for using a flash. But I took this pic so it was worth it:The whole tour took about an hour and a half and other than Smelbourne and the waiter ghost, the highlight was probably seeing Hugh Sheridan (of Packed to the Rafters fame) out and about. He was pretty dreamy.


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