girly good times in Melbourne.

Last Friday evening, I took to the Melbourne roads for the very first time, driving to the airport to pick up Marie who was flying in from Brisbane for the ultimate girls weekend. CB was interstate and AK was working overseas and while the cats were away the mice would certainly play. Marie is my partner-in-crime, the Thelma to my Louise and I knew I was in store for a truly memorable weekend.

As the list-making planners that we are, the organisation (or scheming if you will) for this two-day trip began the second Marie confirmed her flights. The countdown began, our excitement getting us through many stressful work days and forcing me to save my pennies for some serious guilt-free spending – mainly in vintage stores and cafes/restaurants. I planned a surprise Saturday night excursion for my horror movie loving friend (that we will review in a later post) and we took a stroll around the block of my local area, popping in to the countless vintage stores Fitzroy has to offer. Vintage stores I had researched, listed in order of ‘desire to visit’ and colour-coded based on proximity to my apartment. The ultimate list for the most anticipated shopping adventure of the year! We sipped on coffees, devoured delicious breakfasts and discovered a love for fresh fruit juice with watermelon and mint when we visited both Bluebird Espresso and Proud Mary in Collingwood.

We walked around the beautiful city, shopping some more and then rested our aching feet in the cool of the cinemas for a viewing of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which we both adored… Marie will elaborate on this tomorrow.

I am so happy that I was able to share some time with my lovely friend in Melbourne town before I head home to Brisbane in a few weeks. There is nothing better for the soul than quality time with those who bring out the best in us and I now have priceless memories of the weekend I spent with one of my best girls, enjoying laughs, guilt-free dining and a few early Christmas gifts to ourselves. So when you next have the opportunity, grab your Thelma or Louise and go on a great adventure… minus the crime part obviously.


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