little miss mia.

I’ve been bugging AK to consider adding another four-legged creature to our little family for some time now. He is being Mr Sensible – considering costs, ‘who would mind them if we went away’ etc but I just want another beautiful furry friend to play with and care for. Sensibility may have won this round, but I know he reads FLM and I know he can’t resist the begging face of Miss Mia.

Please dad, I’d love a new brother or sister to play with.

In all seriousness though, I found my old hard drive with these photos and couldn’t resist sharing. St Bernards are a lot of work – they are expensive to feed, can potentially have many health issues related to their size and have a short lifespan. But, and it’s a big BUT – they are the most beautiful-natured, placid, loving and intuitive breed I’ve ever come across. I’m almost positive that many people think we’re weird dog-people, but it’s pretty hard not to fall head over heels for Miss Mia. 




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