a letter to 13-year-old Frannie and Marie.

Our beautiful mothers (let’s call them R’n’B) ran into one another earlier this week and had the chance to reminisce about old times, when they had 13-year-olds Frannie and Marie to contend with. A lot has happened between then and now – some wonderful things and some terribly sad ones too. I love the idea of writing a letter to your younger self and if it’s good enough for J.K Rowling, Hugh Jackman and Stephen King, then it’s good enough for me, so here goes..

Dear Frannie and Marie,

I hope you don’t mind me interrupting your Disney sing-a-longs, drama practice or 1000th viewing of Gladiator, but I’m writing to you from the future so I’d like to think this is a little more important. (side note: enjoy Russell Crowe while you can, he won’t stay that beautiful for long.)

Right now you imagine that you’ll be BFFs forever and although that is definitely true, there will be a time when you drift apart. Don’t let it get you down – you’ll be back sharing secrets, love and laughter when you need it most. Marie, stay away from facial piercings, those holes will never close up. Oh and black hair, it will look bloody terrible. Frannie, don’t let anyone make you forget what a beautiful person you are, inside and out.

Read those Harry Potter books as slowly as you can, because once they’re gone they’re gone and you will never find a series that captures or epitomizes your youth as well as they do. And keep writing – both of you! It will always bring you great joy.

Your love lives will take many unexpected turns, but you will both find wonderful partners. No they are not Orlando Bloom and Ryan Girdler… sorry to be the one to break that to you. But they are pals and you will get the chance to all live together like an episode of Friends. I am actually writing to you from November 22, 2012 – the two month anniversary of your wedding Marie. And yes, Frannie was a bridesmaid.. as if there was ever a question.

Spend lots of time with your families, wear sunscreen and keep being as wide-eyed, creative and excited as you are, for as long as you can.

Love Marie xx


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