daydream believer. if i was a…

Am I supposed to know exactly who I am and where I’m heading at the age of 24? Or is life too unpredictable to ever know these things for sure? Of course, I ask these questions rhetorically as my answer changes on a daily basis. Growing up, I used to love nothing more than planning my future right down to the very last detail. I would complete magazine quizzes that dictated who my husband would be, what career I would end up in, how many kids I would have, what my aura said about me, whether I would be a princess or a popstar etc. and I would take stock in these results. These days I can’t even remember the outcomes (except for the quiz that told me I’d marry Leo DiCaprio… still waiting for that to happen).

For fun, I decided to conduct a little Q&A of this nature with CB. Seeing as how all these ‘quizzes’ were a quest on my part to pin down aspects of my identity, we discussed what I would be ‘if I was a…’

It’s pretty obvious that if I was a colour I’d be pink but I had to think long and hard about the following. Don’t think I took this lightly, my answers came about following serious consideration.

If I was an animal, I would be…

Me: Sloth. CB: Puppy/chocolate border collie.

Both of these animals have the same sort of connotation I guess. I cheekily use puppy dog eyes whenever I think I can get away with it and I am always sleepy! I picked sloth because I feel as though the sloth is a cheery fella, just kind of happy hanging in the background and overall, a pretty nice guy. Plus, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen is this segment from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the gorgeous Kristen Bell shows just how much she loves sloths.

If I was a mode of transport, I would be…

Me: Plane. CB: Rollerskates.

I had to laugh when CB told me I would be rollerskates. I know it came from a sweet place (the only kind of place he has) but I am the clumsiest person in the world! I have always wanted to be able to fly though so I think I would be a plane. The private jet of someone famous and fabulous!

If I was a song, I would be…

Me: Daydream Believer. CB: Summer Wind.

A song that talks about anyone who is a sleepy (in case you couldn’t tell, I like to nap a lot), daydream believer personifies me. Although CB won some serious brownie points by comparing me to a Sinatra serenade about the lovely summer breeze.

If I was an ice-cream flavour, I would be…

Me: Peanut butter and chocolate. CB: Rainbow Paddle Pop.

If the old saying you are what you eat is true, then I am 110% peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.

If I was a fictional character, I would be…

Me: Dorothy. CB: Dorothy.

I believed I was Dorothy Gale when I was 7 and the fact that CB and I came up with the same answer speaks volumes. Loves dogs, has brown hair, sings a lot and has crazy vivid, colourful dreams – yep, sounds like me! Now all I have to do is re-introduce pigtails to my hair style repertoire.

If I was an instrument, I would be…

Me: Drums. CB: Harp.

I wish I would be a harp! Unfortunately, I think I’d be the drums. Pink drums of course. Loud, clanging, pink drums. And now that CB has read this, he might opt to change his answer to drums too!

If I was a fruit, I would be…

Me: Apple. CB: Mango.

I hate mangoes, but they’re CBs favourite fruit so he said that’s what I would be. I think I would be an apple though. Forget about poisoned apples from a fairytale and think more child of Hollywood actress type apple.

This exercise, while initially a bit of fun and silliness, did actually reveal aspects of my identity quite well. I’m a dreamer and I enjoy imagining what it might be like to live life in Hollywood. Although, when it comes down to it, I’m most happy to shy away from crowds and attention, spending time with friends and family. I talk/sing loudly and often and am a bit of a goof. Oh and I have a wonderful boyfriend.


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