wild weather and a dirty dog.

The weekend just past was one of those inexplicably perfect weekends, where nothing too exciting takes place but everything is just how you want it regardless. Maybe it was the wild and beautiful Queensland weather, the much-needed sleep I caught up on or just the quality time with family and friends, but it was wonderful.

AK and I took Mia on an adventure in the bush reserve, which is always a fun time. Usually we try and steer her away from puddles and creeks because her thick coat is somewhat of a sponge for filthy pond scum. But it was Sunday afternoon, she was dirty anyway and we just thought, why not? So Mia went for it and dived on in to a little stream, drinking the water and cooling herself down. Seeing the pure joy she was experiencing far outweighed any inconvenience of having to clean up.

After washing her off at home, an epic thunderstorm began and we tried to photograph some of the crazy lightening with my camera. Here are some of our best shots:

Now, depressingly, it’s Tuesday and 5pm Friday seems so far away. Even more so because I’m jumping on a plane to see the beautiful Frannie for a weekend of Melbourne coffee, shopping and girl times. It makes my heart happy to think of exploring one of my favourite cities of all time with one of my favourite people of all time.


4 thoughts on “wild weather and a dirty dog.

  1. So much goodness in this! Pretty jealous about missing the stormy weekend, cannot even handle the cute-ness of Mia sitting so happily in that puddle, those lightning photos are incredible and GIRL WEEKEND ONLY 3 SLEEPS AWAY!

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