the fifth element & the power of heart.

In my younger years, there was no movie I watched more than The Fifth Element. I was obsessed with Bruce Willis’ futuristic, unconventional hero Korben Dallas, Milla Jovovich’s beautiful and innocent portrayal of superwoman Leeloo and Chris Tucker’s hilarious Ruby Rhod in Luc Besson’s 1997 sci-fi flick. On top of this, there were few cartoons I looked forward to each day more than Captain Planet. I relished taking pollution down to zero with the blue-skinned, red-mulleted environmental crusader and his Planeteers.

In both fictions, there were two things I never really understood though – that is the fifth element or fifth ‘special power’ being love/heart. In fact, to say I misunderstood this is a slight understatement. I was 9 years old at the time and I thought it was really corny

This weekend just gone, I finally understood what it all means. Earth, fire, wind and water make up the elements of the Earth, but what is the point without humans having a passion or love that sees us in our element? I believe I am in my element when I am writing and when I am with family. Sometimes though, I lose the inspiration that helps me find this happiness. Last Saturday, I figured out what it takes to get out of my ruts or cancel out the dreaded writers block and it has everything to do with the element of love and heart.

Sometimes, all it takes for me to break a funk is a drive to the beach with The Little Stevies playing or to take in a re-run of the 2008 NRL Grand Final where Steve Menzies scores a try in his fairytale exit from the Manly Sea Eagles club. On Saturday, I saw CB truly in his element for the first time and watching someone I love, do something they love was the best feeling. Without going in to the details, I highly recommend to anyone who feels they’ve lost their mojo, watching/listening to someone else immersed in something they are passionate about. Now that it has been brought to my attention, it is crystal clear to me that I get my best ideas and feel most happy when I see or hear of my family and friends excelling in their pursuits.

Cheesy? Absolutely! I guess I can also say I finally understand why my favourite cartoon show was Cheez TV… anyway, the point is, I get it now Mr Besson and Gaia and I apologise on behalf of 9-year-old Frannie for ever thinking you were ‘corny’ and uncool.


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