the rhinoceros on the skateboard.

What’s that saying? Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans… Or something like that. I try not to cling too much to inspirational or general ‘life’ quotes (unless the quoted is Audrey Hepburn), but they often ring true. My life is one big series of OCD inspired plans that never go accordingly and that is certainly true of recent events. In mid-December, CB and I are headed home to live in Brisbane. Perhaps a bit sooner than we had expected and perhaps due to events not fitting in with my set timelines but hey, that’s life.

Besides, we are both really (like, REALLY) excited to get home.

I have mentioned before that there was no love lost between Melbourne and I after my first Victorian experience a few years ago. Since meeting CB, my time in Melbourne has been filled with love, laughter and adventure – including visiting Elsternwick where my beloved Dad was born and the first house he lived in there. I will look back on my time here fondly, as if I was on one long holiday. Melbourne is seriously pretty and I recommend all Aussies and adventurers spend some time here.

Before I leave, there are a few things I’d like to do:

1. Drive the Great Ocean Rd. I’m told this should be done over a couple of days and is as beautiful and relaxing as a road trip gets. CB and I have about one work-free week together to do some fun things and pack up our belongings so hopefully we’ll be able to jump in the car, chuck some Paul Kelly on and squeeze this drive in at some stage.

2. Eat one last Bluebird Cafe, baked eggs breakfast feast.

3. Beat CB in a Melbourne style shoot-out before we carry on the competitive tradition in Brisbane.

4. Enjoy a truly girly weekend with one of my best friends, getting my fill of the fabulous shopping Melbourne has on offer. This will be happening when Marie comes to spend the weekend with me in a fortnight and I could not be more excited. Vintage stores of Melbourne, stock your shelves because we’re a-coming and we’ll be armed with credit cards.

I’ve fallen in love twice this year. Once when I fell head over heels for CB and again with Melbourne. I will miss your four-seasons-in-a-day weather, I will miss your coffee, I will miss your gorgeous parks and I will miss your trams (aka rhinoceroses on skateboards). I am not upset to be leaving, but I will be back and you had better believe that Frannie Loves Marie will be bigger and better than ever once Marie and I are reunited in sunny Brisbane.


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