fun and games and ‘friendly’ competition.

I am a born and bred, die-hard Manly Sea Eagles fan.

As such, it has always been important to me to find a partner who will at least indulge my love of league and perhaps even love the great game with me. CB ticked this box. I however, did not tick his box of being a football (soccer) fan, though I did understand the importance of showing interest in his love for football and in particular Brisbane Roar & Everton. Since becoming an ‘us’ I have dedicated time to learning the ways of the round ball as opposed to my beloved oval-shaped one and much to the dismay of my father, have found it to be pretty enjoyable.

Compromise is very important, especially in new relationships. Even though I am a stubborn Aries, I compromised my belief that football is boring and showed interest in a topic that obviously makes CB very happy. Since this, I will now even watch a game of football when he isn’t around and I am in no way obligated to.

Kicking a ball around is one of my favourite activities and it just so happens to be one of CBs as well.

I know he’d kick a league ball with me if I asked, but I’m just happy to be running around, so to the soccer field we go. Dad will be happy to know that at least I haven’t compromised my competitive nature in the spirit of young love.

When CB and I kick a ball, we mean business and it has evolved into challenging each other to ‘friendly’ shoot-outs. I put inverted commas around the word friendly, because we actually trash talk to each other the whole day leading up to it. The most recent competition took place last Wednesday afternoon and went a little like this…

I laced up my Nikes and CB strapped on his footy boots. Is it cheating to wear ‘proper’ boots against a girl in pink laced joggers? I may have alluded to him that this was the case, but I couldn’t show I was scared. We had a few warm-up kicks and I tried to hustle him a bit by doing my best ‘cute and helpless’ act, asking him for advice on how best to strike a ball. I figured, surely he’d go easy on me as I’m new to this?

We played a simple best out of 5 shoot-out. I kicked first and ended on 3/5 with one shot missing the target completely. CB stepped up to the line next and ended on… 4/5! Beat me by one shot. I was outwardly frustrated at being labelled a loser, especially when looking at the smug face CB was pulling. On the inside however, I am confident that the day will come when I will win one of our shoot-outs, thus feeling like a Master of the Universe, even if for just one night.

Another of CBs surprise shots.

The point is that friendly competition in relationships is healthy and I think it’s really important to at least try to understand and support each other’s passions. Finally, my hate-to-lose nature led me challenging CB to a shoot-out of the basketball kind on our way back to the car. I won that one. It felt good.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend full of fun and games!


3 thoughts on “fun and games and ‘friendly’ competition.

  1. How do you think that dad and i have stayed together so long … the old Manly v Parra (the best NRL team in the whole world) … (even though they are the most frustrating) is only the ice tip of a whole world of competing. I think I’m winning!! haha

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