Cabin In The Woods: my review of an awesome film.

This year was actually the first time I’ve had a quiet Halloween weekend and I have to say, I enjoyed it immensely. AK and I rented a bunch of horror films and just veged out, eating treats and being scared. Post-wedding/honeymoon/new role at work it was just what the doctor ordered. The best of the lot was without a doubt Cabin In The Woods, so here is my review.

On the surface, Cabin In The Woods looks like every horror movie ever – five friends spend a weekend at a remote cabin and bad things start to happen. It’s a frightful formula Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) knows well. But it’s a genre Whedon knows so well, he can turn it on it’s head, poke fun at it and make it utterly terrifying at the same time. It’s the best subversion of the horror genre since Scream and absolutely not to be missed. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading now and take my word that it is worth watching.

It’s hard to know where to start when explaining the wicked plot. You know right from the get-go that the whole ‘cabin in the woods’ scenario is being controlled and manipulated by some men in lab coats, working for a multi-million dollar corporation. Their work requires horror movie cliches to be brought to life as a ritual sacrifice to some ancient gods. And it is for this reason we see the jock, the nerd, the slut, the stoner and the virgin thrown into one scary place together. With the help of some drugs and hormones being pumped into the cabin, the previously multi-faceted characters begin to take on the stereotypes they have been cast to play.

Despite the film’s ability to remove the audience from the actual horror, I still found some scenes to be quite terrifying. In the final scenes every horror movie ‘baddy’ is thrown in together and the result is pure horror visual genius. Even a surprisingly scary unicorn gets a run, as does a vicious merman. If you can allow the suspension of disbelief, Cabin In The Woods will take you on a ridiculous journey, with nods to the best elements of work by Sam Raimi, Wes Craven, John Carpenter and Sean Cunningham along the way.

I loved these little nods to films of the past for horror nerds like me to pick up on. It’s crazy, insane, buckets of fun and blood and so enjoyable from start to finish. 5/5.


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