the things we say but never do.

Let’s face it, there’s a little Bridget Jones in everyone and a fair few of us are waiting for our Mark Darcy to say “I like you very much. Just as you are”. While we wait, some of those fair few, like Bridget, will make resolutions at the end of one year to begin a new year as a better version of themselves.

While I don’t have the supporting evidence, I don’t think it’s too bold of me to say that most resolutions are not kept.

And still we write these lists and are optimistic that ‘next year’ things will be different. Well this year I’m writing a no-fail list of resolutions. I’m going to finish the fabulous year that has been 2012 and begin 2013 with resolutions I know I can keep but that will still add to my happiness.

My Resolutions are…

1. Be More Active.

My cheat version of the ‘get fit & healthy’ resolution. I love treats and hate exercise but I’m also aware of the importance of looking after myself. So in an attempt to counteract my love of sweets and disdain for fruit and vegetables, I have promised myself to be more active in 2013. I started 2012 off pretty well, but I lost motivation to go for a run and eat well too quickly. So my new plan is to drag friends, family and CB on silly little adventures that involve me getting off my butt. Such things include, going for a bushwalk, a bike ride, a walk on the beach, kick of the ball… the list is endless and fun.

2. Laugh more.

I am a big ball of anxious most of the time and the ability to laugh in spite of this has made it so much easier to pull through a down day. When I begin to worry or over analyse, CB has made it his mission to make me laugh and as soon as I do I am more relaxed and my thoughts more clear. Part of this resolution includes spending more time with friends and family because that’s when I’m laughing most. Time spent with those I love is never enough, so I’m happy to make this my priority next year.

3. Continue to write.

Writing is my hobby, my therapy, my love and the one thing generally classified as a ‘job’ or ‘task’ that I enjoy. Starting frannie loves marie this year has given me a wonderful outlet for being able to write more consistently and I look forward to doing this even more in 2013. I also look forward to other projects Marie and I dream up and kick-start.

4. Let go of guilt.

This one is probably my heaviest resolution but it’s something I feel, that with a few reminders every now and then, I can achieve – to stop feeling guilty for having double desserts or one glass of wine too many. Every new year, I’ve tried to promise myself to loosen up and break a few inconsequential rules but that just leads to feelings of guilt. So instead, I’m allowing myself to recognise that I’m only human and I’m only 24. I will make mistakes and I will probably always regret the extra glass of champers, but I will learn to forgive myself and not dwell on yesterday.

I am really looking forward to New Year’s Eve. Last NYE I met the most wonderful man I have ever had the luck of getting to know and it turns out he thinks I’m pretty okay too. Just the way I am. So I urge you all to embrace the New Year, set yourself achievable goals if you wish and enjoy this super cute YouTube clip of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing all about it.


3 thoughts on “the things we say but never do.

  1. Great resolutions. All very do-able things to incorporate into your every day life. I, too, have discovered that when life gets crazy and insane, the best thing to do is to be able to laugh about it. 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I went for my first kick of the ball yesterday with CB after a winter-long hibernation and although I’m pretty sore today, it was really good fun to run around! Definitely brought on laughs and endorphins as well!

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