the disappearing art of letter writing.

Call me old-fashioned, but I sure miss the excitement of receiving a letter in the mail. At the age of 11, when I first moved from Sydney to Brisbane, my childhood friends and I kept in contact by sending letters interstate. I had a set of the cutest writing paper and once my letter had been dropped in the post box, I patiently and excitedly awaited my return post. We are still friends over a decade later because of staying connected via our letters.

In saying this, I do appreciate the convenience of email, Skype and text messages but after receiving a couple of parcels from my Mum and Marie since moving to Melbourne, my love for the postal system has been reinvigorated.

My Pa has a glass cabinet in his house that contains all of his antique treasures and when I look in it, I feel immediately connected to my past and to the relatives I was never able to meet but who I love and am fortunate enough to feel like I know through the stories and possessions kept safe by my grandparents. Amongst these treasures is a bundle of letters my Great Pa sent home while in New Guinea during the war. My Great Pa would not have thought about it at the time, but his words and penmanship combined with the smell of and now delicate state of the paper he wrote on are the definition of priceless, treasured art.

Even though my Nan has done very well to keep up with the times sending long texts and emails and using Skype to speak with her sister in Italy, I think I’m going to write her and Pa a letter this week. I’m not sure if letter writing is a dying form of communication or if it’s just in my head and actually never lost its popularity, but I certainly plan to get back to doing it more often. It really is nice to have something delivered other than bills. So, to my friends and family, keep an eye on your letterbox!


4 thoughts on “the disappearing art of letter writing.

    • I’d probably be able to find my way to yours blindfolded. Ask me to spell your street name though and that’d be a different story haha! Xoxo.

    • My childhood friends are the most fabulous and will always hold a special place in my heart! Sending you an email today Miss Mac. 🙂 x

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