a strawberry coloured summer shake-up.

I’ve grown out of a lot of things I loved as a child. Sucking my thumb, Cabbage Patch dolls, pretending I’m a kangaroo and wearing pig-tails and bangs. Every. Single. Day.

However, those of you who know me well, know that my world becomes a lovely kind of hazy and my mood is immediately altered if you flash the colour pink in front of me. That is something I never grew out of. Along with all of the other amazing things she said and did, Audrey Hepburn was once quoted saying, ‘I believe in pink’. Me too Audrey, me too.

I am so in love with pink in fact, that it has led me to my most recent fun idea. I get bored with my hair pretty quickly, which has led me to some pretty impulsive style decisions over the years. As a rule, I try to keep my hair ‘change-ups’ to once a year, just before summer hits. Something fresh for my favourite season of the year. I figure that if I end up hating it, at least I’ll have the fun of summer time to distract me from it, right?

I think it may be exactly what I need for summer 2012/13. My decision is still pending, but please let me know your thoughts. Would it be a crazy good or crazy bad change?


4 thoughts on “a strawberry coloured summer shake-up.

    • It is an excellent quote 🙂 definitely link back a photo if you do!! I’m saving my pennies so I can hopefully get it done before summer.

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