when friends get married.

They say there are two sides to every story. Well, the story of Marie and AK’s wedding has hundreds of sides. Everyone who was a part of this special day will have their own wonderful memories and favourite moments. As Marie has, a bride will recount precious memories of one of her best days and probably thank the family and friends who shared it with her. What she won’t tell you is how she was the picture of elegance, calmness and excitement all rolled into one or how her organisation leading up to the big day culminated in the most aesthetically gorgeous setting for a wedding with a totally relaxed and ready-to-party atmosphere.

I thought I would share with you a few of my now cherished memories from September 22.

1. Getting ready.

The whole week leading up to the wedding was amazing but the day finally arriving was especially exciting. My first thoughts when my alarm went off were of Marie, hoping she had slept well. My thoughts then turned to the boys wondering if they had slept at all. I will never forget walking upstairs to find the most calm bride, probably in the history of brides, happily eating breakfast. If I can muster half of that composure on my wedding day then I will be a lucky lady. It was so lovely to have the mother-of-the-bride with us there on that morning too, who showed us all exactly where Marie’s good looks come from! Once we were all ready and awaiting the arrival of the groom and his groomsmen, I looked at Marie, dressed, excited and ready to go and was floored by how much of a doll she is. Stunning.

2. Grooms arrival.

I am not a fan of Katherine Heigl and I haven’t seen all of 27 dresses, but there’s a quote that I love from the start of the movie when her character says:

You know how the bride makes her entrance and everybody turns to look at her? That’s when I look at the groom. Cause his face says it all you know? The pure love there.

Marie and AK chose to do their first look before the ceremony and I love remembering the excitement building up to that, the look on AK’s face when he first saw her and the group of girls all tearing up on the balcony where we stood watching. It was a true, perfect moment. Of course the arrival of the groom also meant that CB had arrived! He laughed at me a few times throughout the day for being girly and emotional and for drinking too much wine but he was the most handsome and fun date I could have asked for.

3. The ceremony.

Marie already told you that the ceremony was officiated by their friend Paul and he did a wonderful job. To be honest, the ceremony is a literal and metaphorical blur for me. It went by in the blink of an eye and those eyes were filled with happy tears from start to finish making it hard to see. The highlights though include seeing the pride in Marie’s Dad as he walked her down the aisle, hearing the lovely vows Marie and AK wrote for each other and wiping a tear from the cheek of the elated Maid of Honour who had her hands full with two bouquets. 

4. The reception.

From the canapés, accordion player and face painting in the courtyard to the table settings, sit down meal and speeches, the reception flew by because it was quite simply, the ‘funnest’ night. I heard a few people mention that if this wedding had been on Four Weddings it would have received perfect scores and I couldn’t agree more. Everyone loved their salt and pepper shaker place cards (I got a Wizard of Oz Dorothy and Toto set) and the speeches were funny and heartfelt. Marie’s granddad had everyone on their feet by the end of his, a perfect gentleman who knew how to make the room laugh while displaying obvious pride and joy.

5. End of the night.

Besides the immense relief of removing my heels once home, a quiet moment with just Marie and I as she headed off to bed is a particularly fond memory for me. As young girls, we daydream and talk about our wedding days but I guess I never thought we would ever actually get to that. Then all of a sudden here we were, one of us a newlywed. Through all of life’s ups and downs and changes, looking at the face of my now happily married friend, I was grateful for being able to be involved not only on this day but to now get to look forward to what other amazing things the future holds for us.

Yep, I have sap running through my veins for sure. Thanks Mum.

On a lighter note, you’ll be happy to know, as per my earlier bridesmaid post, that following a few glasses of wine, Frannie did sneak her way in to the background of some would-have-been-gorgeous-otherwise photos.


6 thoughts on “when friends get married.

  1. Such lovely photos and the day sounded just magical 🙂

    Oh my goodness that last photo with you in the background gave me a nice big belly laugh lol oh my goodness I bet you were doing your ‘evil’ laugh ( that of course is not evil at all seeing as you don’t have an evil bone in your body) .

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