september 22 was a good day.

Guests arrived on the cute old-fashioned Tamborine Mountain Trolley and that was one part of the day I wished I could have experienced. We didn’t have a fancy wedding car (it just wasn’t where we wanted to spend our money) but my dad did drive us in a nice rental. We had to do a drive-by because there were still people standing outside, but once we pulled up I was a bundle of nerves and love and happiness and everything all rolled up in one.

One of our initial worries about the wedding was finding a civil celebrant that wasn’t completely weird, inappropriate or unsuitable. So when AK’s friend Paul Voge told us he was thinking about doing a celebrancy course, we were beyond excited. He absolutely nailed the service and it made it that much more personal having a close friend up there with us. The same goes for our photographers Jess Jackson (formerly Jess Kearney) and Neil Bulger. We genuinely enjoy their company and therefore felt at ease in their presence.

The ceremony was followed by drinks and canapés in the garden, with some joyous background music by a local Tamborine Mountain accordion player Sue Duncan. She plays at lots of local events up there and just so happens to be my friend Katie’s mother. Guests adored her and we were so glad to have her there. My maid of honor took that time to paint some faces and with the accordion music in the background, it was a really vibrant, fun atmosphere as the sun went down.

I feel like I’ve probably blabbed on enough about the day (I could seriously talk for hours), but I do need to say that my cousin Katie as the MC was a revelation, she brought a beautiful vibe to the room and helped tie the whole day together. Our cake by Cake Star (remember that pistachio and honey cake I was raving about earlier this year) was picture-perfect and absolutely delicious. Space and money restrictions meant we ended up with a jukebox for music, but despite the lack of Spice Girls, it was perfect for the guests to decide what they wanted to hear.

By the end of the night, all the nerves and lack of food and sleep caught up on me and I was completely ready for bed. With the buses on their way, I said a swift goodbye and grabbed a lift home with Jess, our darling friend Dee and of course Frannie. As the holiday house guests arrived home and partied on, Frannie tucked me safely into bed and so concluded the perfect day, with a final kiss on the forehead from my new husband.


6 thoughts on “september 22 was a good day.

  1. What a lovely ceremony and celebration! Based on the pictures, your day exuded warmth, easy spirit, and happiness. Congratulations on your union!
    Your dress is lovely, and you looked gorgeous.

  2. You two scream cuteness and happiness. Thank you so much for sharing moments, memories and photographs of your special day. I can only hope that my wedding day (wish will happen hopefully) can be as full of love as yours obviously was 🙂

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