dum dum da dum.

It’s a beautiful Friday here in lovely Queensland and what better time to start my wedding recap extraordinaire? I’ve settled back into the newsroom (it seems like I was gone for eternity, but never left) and I’ve had time to reflect on that glorious September 22 day at Tamborine Mountain. Professional wedding photos haven’t arrived yet so I will share some of those when they do, but in the meantime I thought I would gush about marrying my sweetheart and also give massive shout outs and thank-yous to those that were involved.The week leading up to the day was pretty hectic – family arrivals, appointments and last-minute changes took up much of my time. Just FYI, when people say you drop weight in that last week, they aren’t lying. It’s not from being worried or anxious though, more of a nervous energy that fills your body from about the one-week countdown mark and doesn’t leave until you’ve walked back down that aisle with your beau in hand.

We rented a beautiful holiday house on the mountain for two nights – the girls, my mum, our lovely hair/makeup guru Vivianne Tran and I all stayed there the night before and the bridal party crashed there after the big day. My bodacious bridesmaids could not have brought more love, laughter and support to the whole process than they did – I will forever be thankful for them. I had an absolute ball wearing our matching robes, drinking wine, eating cheese and chocolate and watching Love Actually with them on my last night as a single lady.

Despite a pitiful sleep, I was bouncing off the walls by 6am ready to get a ring on that finger. Vivianne and my darling friend Jess got to work beautifying us all and what an incredible job they did. It felt so luxurious to have all our hair and makeup done and then put on such beautiful dresses.  As soon as I put on my gorgeous lace 1950s gown I was ready to go – I didn’t feel like a princess per say, just the best possible version of myself.

The boys arrived at the house by about midday because we had planned to do a ‘first look’ and wedding party photos before the ceremony, to maximize time with everyone and hopefully ease some nerves. It was pretty funny to see our photographer Jess hide AK out in the back garden with his back turned and my heart was in my chest as I snuck up behind him to tap him on the shoulder. Cuteness ensued.

Tamborine Mountain is just made for weddings – there are so many beautiful venues and locations for photographic opportunities. We settled on the garden, the venue and a park with some lovely old trees and had lots of fun pulling silly faces and striking a pose. Once that was done the boys headed off to grab a beer and we retreated back to the house to wait for showtime.

I have read so many wedding blogs in the past few months and kind of rolled my eyes whenever people would gush about how great their vendors were – they’re just doing their job, I used to think. That is, until I saw our wedding come together at the hands of some of the most like-minded, creative, artistic and fun-filled people I’ve ever met. My flowers absolutely took my breath away – I gave Roberta at Green & Bloom a few pictures, a colour scheme and some vaguely descriptive words like ‘lacy’, ‘vintage’, ‘rustic’ and ‘hand-picked’ and what she created was out-of-this-world amazing. Take a look.

So many people commented in the lead up and on the day about how ‘not stressed’ I seemed. I’d like to say it’s all in my zen nature, but really it was because I had behind-the-scenes support from both the venue owner Jacinta and my wonderful, wonderful wedding stylists Yolanda and Renee at Scout & Charm. We found each other through my florist and originally I thought it just might be nice to have someone set up on the day so I could relax and get ready. But our working relationship evolved into so much more than that and emails flew back and forth on a sometimes daily basis with quirky ideas, lucky finds and excited visions of how it would all come together. While I had the plan to give all our lovely guests their own vintage salt and pepper shakers as favors, it was this charming pair that devised the teaspoon seating chart that seemed to be a crowd favorite.to be continued…



5 thoughts on “dum dum da dum.

  1. I love, I love, I love… Cannot wait to hear more. I’ve been dying to hear deets and see photos.. Yay! *excited squeal*

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