the dos and don’ts of wedding week.

September 22 was our big day and it went by so quickly, yet in slow motion at the same time. I want to share as many photos, memories, stories and advice as I can, so if you’re not into weddings you should probably avoid FLM for the next couple of weeks. But before I get into the big stuff I thought I’d start with some advice for the week leading up to the wedding. As the big day approaches, I found a lot of perspective about what weddings are all about.

DO accept help: Everyone offers to help you in the lead up to the wedding day and the last week is the time to accept their kind offers. Delegate some of the easier tasks to friends and family – they can help fold programs, work on table plans, finish last-minute DIY projects and bring things to the venue. I definitely found that it helped alleviate my stress and made many of the tasks that much more manageable when I had some extra sets of hands. My family and bridesmaids were on hand all week and I don’t think I could have done it without their help.

DON’T work: This one is important! I took the whole week before the wedding off work and every single day I was busy with something wedding-related. If I had been at work I would have been a ball of stress and probably not that much use at the office anyway, due to all the excitement. It’s also the perfect opportunity to spend some time with people who may have travelled interstate or from overseas for the wedding – the day goes by so quickly. Plan a low-key barbecue or picnic and relax with those you love. It also gives you plenty of time for hair, skin and nail appointments.

DO enjoy the time with family: Our wedding day just reiterated how amazing our friends and family are – I wish I got to spend more time just enjoying their company. AK squeezed in a quick visit to the Sunshine Coast to see his family a couple of days before the wedding and I know it helped calm his nerves. Weddings are one of those rare occasions when everyone is together and the mood is so positive and loving – make the most of it.

DON’T let yourself stress out: It’s pretty easy to freak out in one way or another during this last week – so many payments to be finalised, bookings to be confirmed and things to be sorted out. It can leave even the most chilled out bride a little bit flustered. But it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience (I know I certainly don’t intend to plan another wedding) so you’ve got to remind yourself of that. Enjoy the process, stresses and all. You’ll look back at that time fondly and you don’t want to remember freaking out about table plan changes or random hiccups.

DO book a massage: The night before the wedding I booked massages for my mum, my lovely bridesmaids and myself. I think it was one of the more genius parts of my planning. By that stage we were all tired, nervous and excited and a massage really helped us to zone out and relax. Trust me, there’ll be a lot of stress built up in those shoulders by the end of wedding week. A nice little back rub will help with that.

DON’T forget the big picture: You’re getting married! That’s pretty awesome. I just kept reminding myself through the whole process that at the end of the day, if AK and I were married, it would have been a success. Everything else is just minor detail. People probably won’t notice if you forget the wedding cake flowers or the ceremony sign – they will remember the love and excitement that filled the day.


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