Bula from Fiji.

Hey there friends – I’m writing this post from poolside at Tokoriki Island Resort, Fiji. I definitely didn’t plan to post while I’m over here, but the mood took me so here I am. As you can imagine, it’s absolute paradise. The people are beautiful and the scenery is second-to-none. I don’t know whether it is the high from the wedding or the serenity of my surrounds, but I definitely feel calmer than I ever remember feeling. I thought this trip would make me want to quit my job and move to the South Pacific, but quite the opposite really – it’s made me truly appreciate my lot in life. And if I could squeeze in a little holiday here every couple of years, that would be OK too.

We flew out of Brisbane last Monday morning and after a relatively short flight (about 4 hours) we landed at Nadi Airport. From there we caught a seaplane out to our resort and that was an amazing adventure in itself. Our pilot was a Canadian guy living the dream and we flew over so many stunning little islands before reaching our stunning destination. Never mind that the plane was tiny, loud and seemed about 100 years old.

Our first full day was spent snorkelling, swimming and enjoying our new surrounds. The resort only has about 30 bures in total, so there are never more than 60 guests. Staff remember your name and are on hand to fetch whatever you need – be that a cocktail at sunset or a kayak for a little adventure. The reef around Tokoriki Island is just incredible – we’ve seen so many different kinds of fish, starfish and even a little seahorse. What a cutie.

On our second day we went on a day trip called the ‘honeymoon picnic’ where we were dropped off for the day on a deserted island with an esky full of food, wine and beer. I think it may have been one of the best days of my life (or at least top 5). We got completely ridiculous drinking champagne from the bottle, wearing robes from the hotel and exploring our new home. We found a very poisonous-looking snake and did some more beautiful snorkelling. AK went a little primal and set out on a mission to get a coconut from a tree, skin it and drink the water from inside. I set him a pretty tight time limit of 30 minutes while I lazed around reading my book and he completed it in no time.

Since that wondrous day we’ve been island hopping, had a big night with our new American honeymooning friends, had massages (and a facial for me) and started a tradition of afternoon naps that I would like to continue back home. We’re booked in for a tour of the island where ‘Castaway’ was filmed (if for nothing else, so AK can scream WILSON at the top of his lungs) and we’ve been upgraded to a deluxe room with a private pool. I can’t wait to check it out.

With so much to look forward to back home (seeing Mia, catching up with friends and family to reminisce about the wedding, checking out photos from the day, seeing my Irish relatives before they head back to the homeland and even getting excited about Halloween and Christmas) I’m not feeling sad about this trip coming to an end, but at the same time I would like to freeze time for just a little while.

So although FLM has been a little quiet of late (Frannie and I have been super busy with the wedding alright), I can’t wait to start sharing all the little things that have made me as happy as I am right now.


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